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Green Card through Marriage Criterion and Route

27th January 2011
By Johnathon Ferrell in Immigration Law
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Marriage based green cards may be availed by permanent residents of the US who marry a United States citizen or another legal permanent resident in the country. This is as per the rules and regulations available to the public by the United State federal government and processes by the USCIS on its behalf.

This criterion is among the easiest ways to get a green card for a person who marries an immediate relative of a citizen of the United States. A child under the age of 21 years, the spouse and the parent of a US citizen come under t immediate relatives.

A number of people think that it is just too easy for them to gain a US green card through the route of marriage. However, the point to consider is that the most important issue in this matter is that the marriage is valid or not.

This is because not all types of marriages are legal as per the guidelines set by the USCIS. This depends largely to the place where the marriage took place in the first place. Hence, the eligibility of the marriage as per the USCIS guidelines is most important from the point of view ore obtaining marriage-based green card.

The marriages that the US Citizenship And Immigration Services does not uphold as legal and terms as illegal come under the following categories of marriage:

Proxy Marriage
Common Law Marriage
Polygamous Marriage
Incestuous Marriage
Customary Marriage

Therefore, it is worth remembering that it is easy to obtain a marriage-based green card to live and seek employment in the US if the spouse enters the country through legal means.

To enter legally into the US:
You go through an inspection at the point of entry, which could be an airport or seaport. You used a visa waiver program, a border crossing authorization document of some form or a US visa.

It is also fruitful to remember that you must consult an immigration attorney in case you reach the country in any illegal way or by the use of any illegal documents.

You may have to provide some documents to furnish to the USCIS officials; these documents could include your birth certificate, your naturalization certificate, and your passport, form FS-240, a report of birth abroad or you also may have to produce a statement in original issued by a consular office bearer, which verifies the citizenship authenticity of the spouse.
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