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Real Estate Law

Tax Sales Property In Ontario

20th September 2012
When there is a sale of property for tax back payments the property possessor is given each chance to pony up all required funds so as to keep ownership of their property. This right has been upheld by the Ontario Court of Advance. As the City or Region i...
Author: ChristinaX
Internet Law

Mafia Wars For Beginners: 3 Tips To Success

15th June 2011
Mafia Wars, the online game by Zynga, has fast become one of the most popular in recent history. Much of this popularity comes through its easy access via the Facebook interface. While the game may seem relatively simple at first, meaning it's easy to get...
Author: Morris Kim
Accident claims

Accident Compensation Claims Provide You Peace of Mind

08th September 2010
Accident claim is a big market in the Western world. The market runs into billions of pounds in the UK. People seek accident compensation actively. The awareness among the people of the UK is commendable. They hire expert solicitors for their case. There...
Author: dwsarticle
Copyright & Trademark

Basics of Copyright Law

16th August 2010
Copyright means the right to copy. Copyright law protects intellectual property. It ensures that no one other than the creator himself can copy a unique work he has created. The original work of an author is safeguarded by copyright law. These works may i...
Author: craig23
Real Estate Law

Landlord-Tenant Issue

01st April 2010
Land is similar to the meaning of disputes. If you have land then you must be indulged in many disputes. In this case you have two (2) options either to withdraw from your rights or get ready to fight for your rights. In the later case, you will have to f...
Author: James Kahn

The Process in a Misdemeanor Case

07th June 2006
The Process in a Misdemeanor Case Arraignment The arraignment is the defendant's first court hearing after the arrest, booking, and initial bail phases of the criminal process have taken place. This is usually the first opportunity for the defendant t...
Author: Darren Kavinoky