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California Companies Can Save Big With WOTC California

10th September 2010
California corporations are looking for ways to make ends meet in today's tough economy, but there is hope. There are state tax credits that California companies can take advantage of that will allow them to save money. One of the most popular is WOTC C...
Author: Susan Slobac

California Companies Save When They Utilize Federal Hiring Credits and Enterprise Zone Credits

10th September 2010
California-based corporations are on the lookout for ways to save money, and one of the best ways that is often not taken advantage of is to see if your company qualifies for federal hiring credits. These include the newly implemented Hire Act credit. A...
Author: Susan Slobac
Commercial Law

Jobs For Felons - 10 Tips to Help Convicted Felons Get Jobs

22nd June 2010
Getting a job with a felony is no easy task. I know from personal experience. There are many techniques to bettering your chances of getting hired at a job as a convicted felon, so I compiled this list of 10 tips to help you start working with a felony co...
Author: Williamstone

I'm A Prepaid Legal Associate -- Now What Do I Do?

10th February 2010
Are you considering becoming a Prepaid Legal Associate? Or have you taken that leap already? Bravo! I really do commend you for your efforts. The first step toward success in anything in life is to just get started. But now what? Do you know where to b...
Author: Secret MLM Tricks

Why Is Identity Theft Such a Big Problem?

14th November 2009
Why is it that ten million people in the U.S. alone are victimized by identity theft each year? It seems like the more obsessed with security our society becomes, the less secure we actually make ourselves. It is a great irony that in the days when your i...
Author: ChuckLin1