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Unemployment Compensation Law - Making or Breaking a Compensation Case

31st March 2010
By lorilee dhebar in Employment Law
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Unemployment compensation law pertains to the existence of an adequate insurance coverage that will serve to assist a person while he or she is in the process of looking for new employment. This enables people who have lost their jobs to continue living their daily routines as they are in the hunt for regular income sources. This article will define terms and concepts in line with a person's eligibility to pursue unemployment compensation claims and gain financial support.

An unemployment compensation law provides the legal means by which people can see whether or not they have the grounds to receive a financial support settlement from the government. Proof of a minimum amount of earnings should be presented by the person who is attempting to apply for any form of unemployment benefits. All applicants need to have a working history wherein they have been able to keep a job for a significant amount of time.

A person has to have kept a job for about a year before he or she will be eligible to receive any financial aid under the unemployment compensation law. It is important for an applicant at the time of the application to be ready, able, and willing to work for the financial aid to be granted. Further down the article, there will be some information with regard on how one can be refused a grant.

A wise move will be to contact the state agency with regard to the desire to receive unemployment assistance. Any compensation law will need personal documents before any application for unemployment compensation can be processed. People may need to wait a while before the financial support reaches them for it takes time to process and verify the applications.

In relation to the compensation law for unemployment, what makes a person eligible to avail of financial aid services legally? The review committee will be checking to see if a person lost his or her job due to a criminal charge or possible participation in a strike and the person should also have not quit the job without just cause. Having a serious medical condition that will force the person not to work will immediately cause a disapproval of the application.

Any person who was relieved from position due to involvement in a strike or due to possible criminal charges will not qualify for aid in the same way as quitting a job without proper reason will not make him or her eligible. Is there such a thing as a good cause for quitting any employment option? Poor safety conditions, events of harassment, as well as being as to partake in illegal acts are deemed to be good reasons to leave a place of work.

Another good reason for quitting a job is when a spouse has been given the opportunity to be employed in a location out of the state. Quitting a job can also be done out of the need to be there for sickly family members or even joining the military forces for that matter. Different areas have different stipulations for the compensation law and so it would be best to be familiar with the terms in the person's area of employment.

Provided are reasons that can easily disqualify applicants from being granted unemployment compensation law benefits. Having frequent unexcused absences or lateness is a serious misconduct, in as much as it is not good to have a record of insubordination in the workplace. Stealing and the use of drugs and alcohol abuse are also huge factors which can affect the decision to grant a worker with unemployment compensation.

The compensation law for the unemployed can provide workers with twenty six weeks of checks. Another important factor to receive benefits is to look for work while compensation payments are being received. Unemployment compensation is a privilege to encourage people to look for work and not simply slack off.

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