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Lemon Law

Lemon Law is becoming an increasingly well known term within America, as it involves our favourite mode of transportation cars. Lemon laws are American State laws that can provide remedy for people who have purchases a vehicle that has continually failed to meet the required standards of quality and performance. Unfortunately, each year, more and more Americans are sold cars that appear to have persistent problems, these cars are known as 'lemons' and Lemon Laws are designed to protect citizens of all states from faulty autos. If you have ever encountered a 'lemon' car, or if you're considering what action to take if you feel like you've been sold one recently, then the Lemon Law section of Going Legal can hopefully give you some informative articles on what you should do next.

Lemon Law Articles

Lemon Law

The Lemon Problem for Used Cars - Spot the Lemon before it is too late

31st March 2010
As the prices of new cars are going up buying used vehicles started appearing to be a more attractive alternative. New vehicles, the moment they leave the dealership, start getting depreciated in their value and the pre-owned cars start appearing to be sm...
Author: peterkevin
Lemon Law

Indiana Lemon Laws

23rd March 2010
Buying or Leasing New or Used Vehicles in the State Of Indiana Understanding Indiana Lemon Laws Indiana lemon law covers Consumers who buy or lease new or used vehicles in the state of Indiana Vehicles with a gross vehicle weight of 10...
Author: danielaiden
Lemon Law

Introducing Lemon Laws in Australia

21st December 2009
In many countries, including the US and the EU, the government offers protection to consumers with Lemon Laws, laws that require car manufacturers and retailers to be held accountable for vehicles that are qualified as "lemons". Recently, there has been d...
Author: Scott Jamieson
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