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Lemon Law

Lemon Law is becoming an increasingly well known term within America, as it involves our favourite mode of transportation – cars. Lemon laws are American State laws that can provide remedy for people who have purchases a vehicle that has continually failed to meet the required standards of quality and performance. Unfortunately, each year, more and more Americans are sold cars that appear to have persistent problems, these cars are known as 'lemons' and Lemon Laws are designed to protect citizens of all states from faulty autos. If you have ever encountered a 'lemon' car, or if you're considering what action to take if you feel like you've been sold one recently, then the Lemon Law section of Going Legal can hopefully give you some informative articles on what you should do next.

Lemon Law Articles

Lemon Law

Know Your Georgia Lemon Law Rights

04th May 2011
This is a brief discussion of some of the frequently asked questions as to how the Georgia lemon law works. If you live in Georgia and bought yourself a new car from a Georgia car dealership and you are not happy about the performance of the buy, it is ti...
Author: johnkevin
Lemon Law

Motor Vehicle Warranty and the California Lemon Law - FAQs

03rd May 2011
In California, a purchaser or lessee of a new motor vehicle has various rights under both state and federal law, if the vehicle does not perform as promised in an express warranty. The Song-Beverly Consumer Warranty Act can protect both the new and used c...
Author: johnkevin
Lemon Law

Know Your Illinois Lemon Law Rights

03rd May 2011
You buy yourself a brand new dream car in Illinois. This new dream machine of yours would, instead of hitting the road, spend its time and your money in an auto repair shop. If this scenario rings bells in your own case, time you took advantage of the Ill...
Author: johnkevin
Lemon Law

Knowing Your Federal Lemon Law can Help You Become a Responsible Consumer

28th April 2011
As a consumer, you naturally would not want to make a bad purchase or buy a product that is not at all worth your hard-earned money. In the case of buying used goods, you’d want to make the best choice possible, though your skill at determining a product...
Author: Michael Harrah
Lemon Law

Getting to Know the California Lemon Law

23rd March 2011
Before the government enacted lemon laws covering automobiles, the average buyer had little to no recourse if they were to buy a car that was later found to have repeated problems due to defects in the manufacturing process. At this point in time the onl...
Author: Norman Taylor
Lemon Law

Automobile Lemon Laws A Implies To Protect Customer Rights

14th March 2011
You have most likely heard of auto lemon laws ahead of, but do you really understand the implications of these laws? As a client, you ought to, due to the fact the car lemon laws will serve you in circumstances exactly where you conclude up unintentionall...
Author: worminto65
Lemon Law

Selling Your Old Car on Consignment

15th February 2011
We buy cars for utility and convenience. Some of us do it more often than the others. It is wise to remove the older cars before bringing in the newer ones. One may find buying a new or used car much easier than deciding what to do with the present one. ...
Author: johnsmith
Lemon Law

Does Pa Have A Employed Auto Lemon Law?

13th October 2010
Pa does not at present have a specific "employed car" lemon regulation at this time. Thankfully, nevertheless, you may possibly be in a position to deliver a lemon regulation -sort claim if you have obtained a "used" car that still had some of the unique...
Author: Gregory Klein
Lemon Law

5 New Tips for Filing an Effective Lemon Law Case

27th August 2010
If you are thinking about filing a lawsuit under your state's lemon law, it is necessary that you have a vehicle that falls into the category of a lemon. Generally, this can be classified as any vehicle with mechanical problems that causes an excess loss ...
Author: stevelasik
Lemon Law

Defining Lemon Laws and Consumer Rights

09th August 2010
A lemon car is a vehicle that has faults that cause the vehicle to be dangerous or not perform properly. Frequently these failures don't show themselves when the vehicle is first purchased. The vehicle is thought of as a lemon if these defects are still n...
Author: Chris
Lemon Law

How to Increase the Resale Value of Your Car

07th July 2010
Do you own the same car for a very long time? Perhaps you are considering selling your favorite car and get a trendier car. If so, how do you plan to increase the resale value of your car? The secret is to keep your old car as good as new. A car is our mo...
Author: johnkevin
Lemon Law

California lemon law aided by Car buyer's Bill of Rights Includes Cooling Off Period for used car bu

23rd June 2010
California's lemon law, one of the first in the nation, has now been reinforced by the addition of the Car Buyer's Bill of Rights. Now, those who buy used cars will be protected against buying used lemon cars. California was the first state in the count...
Author: danielaiden
Lemon Law

Wisconsin Lemon Law

21st May 2010
Under Wisconsin Lemon Law You May Be Entitled To Twice the Damages The Wisconsin Lemon Law is a statutory form of recovery which became effective on November 3, 1983. The Wisconsin Lemon can apply to new vehicles, used vehicles purchased within the wri...
Author: danielaiden
Lemon Law

California Lemon Law is Consumer Friendly

11th April 2010
News is that BMW had recently bought a defective Mini Cooper back from a consumer in California. Statistics show that the chances of car manufacturers buying their defective vehicles back are much higher in California than they are in Texas. The lemon law...
Author: felixtim
Lemon Law

How can you Remedy the Lemon used car you purchased - Indiana Lemon Laws

31st March 2010
Buying a used car is a huge financial alternative if the deal is good. But there always is an apprehension of landing a lemon in pursuit of a used car. Fortunately when it comes to the consumers shopping for used car in Indiana they are entitled some prot...
Author: peterkevin
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