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K1 FiancÚ Visa Interview in the US Embassy in Bangkok

21st February 2011
By Jon Raymond in Immigration Law
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The fiancÚ visa, also referred to as the K1 visa, can be a form of visa granted exclusively towards the fiancÚ of US citizens. It has really couple of eligibility preconditions just like the age, monetary adequacy and meeting requirement. Becoming so, a lot of fiancÚ visa applications are filed annually. The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) process these applications.
The process is can be divided into two. The primary portion consists of the US citizen fiancÚ who will submit the Petition for Alien FiancÚ within the designated USCIS inside the US. When accepted, the petition will be forwarded to the Nationwide Visa Center or NVC and thereafter towards the US Embassy in Thailand. The very last a part of the procedure ensues with the US Consulate in Bangkok which consists of extra documentary proof and consular interview.

Consular Interview for FiancÚ Visa Candidates

The US Embassy in Thailand is extremely accommodating to K1 visa applicants. The truth is, they have posted within their respective internet sites almost every little thing necessary to prepare for that interview.

The Thai fiancÚ will be informed of your scheduled interview and supplementary recommendations via a mail in the NVC. Upon receipt, he or she ought to collate all of the essential paperwork as soon as you possibly can simply because these ought to previously be offered on the interview date.

Inquiries to be asked through the interviewing officer at the US Embassy in Bangkok normally intention to scrutinize the genuineness of your relationship. Therefore, it might be excellent for her or him to deliver adore letters, photos along with other forms of correspondence as proof to determine his or her claim.

Once the officer finds that she or he qualifies to acquire a fiancÚ visa, the Thai K-1 visa applicant shall be notified to choose up her passport together with a sealed brown envelope. The envelope might only be opened through the US immigration officer on the port of entry in US.
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