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Who is Qualified to Sponsor Family Primarily based Green Card?

07th March 2011
By Al Kola in Immigration Law
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A permanent resident can be a particular person that is granted authorization to stay and work permanently in the Usa. Like a evidence in the permanent resident status the individual is provided an authorization card that is frequently called as Green Card and formally referred to as as I 551. Permanent Residents are authorized to work in any business or institution, permitted to start very own enterprise or develop very own corporation, provided the privilege to sponsor his/her family members members.

You'll find different approaches in acquiring a green card. 1 may possibly receive a green card by means of employment, via household member, asylee and refugee status, by means of adoption by a permament resident or a US Citizen or through green card lottery system. A lot of people turn into permanent residents by means of a loved ones member that is a US citizen or permanent resident of the United states of america. America permits U.S. citizens and Permanent Residents to petition for their household members to come and reside permanently from the Usa.

Who can use form I-130:

To obtain a family members based mostly green card a foreign specific have to be sponsored by a US Citizen or possibly a Lawful Permanent Resident. The sponsor need to file a petition named form I-130 (Petition for Alien Relative) to aid the immigrant to immigrate to Usa.If your immigrant is already in US, the sponsor can adjust the status utilizing Form I-485 green card. To sponsor a family members member , the sponsor or the petitioner need to meet specific eligibility criteria.

* The sponsor should be both a US Citizen or possibly a Permanent Resident from the United states . The sponsor should also present document for such status.

* The sponsor should have a qualifying partnership using the immigrant.

* The sponsor must be ready to sponsor the immigrant by submitting a form I-130 (Petition for Alien Relative)

* The sponsor ought to demonstrate that he/she will likely be ready to assistance the immigrant along with other sponsored loved ones members fiscally at 125% previously mentioned the necessary poverty line.

Getting a loved ones primarily based green card is actually a two action process. The first step is submitting the Family members Immigration Petition form I-130 where the sponsor ought to establish a qualifying romantic relationship together with the immigrant. The 2nd phase is filing the green card application. The 2nd action just isn't needed once the sponsor is actually a US Citizen as well as the immigrant could be the partner or father or mother or small youngster who is currently in the United states of america. Other immigrants who tend not to fall within this class should undergo the two the process .

In the event the sponsor can be a US Citizen, then he may possibly sponsor his wife or husband, youngsters, mother and father and siblings under specific conditions. If the sponsor is really a Permanent Resident , then he/she may possibly sponsor his husband or wife , kids and parents .


All of the family members primarily based green card petitions must be signed appropriately and sent to USCIS with the supporting proof. The moment the petition is acquired , it will be checked for completeness using the inclusion from the supporting evidence. When the essential proof isn't submitted, the green card application will be rejected. The USCIS might call for more information in the sponsor or the immigrant and could request them to appear for an interview. In the event the petition is granted, they will be notified in mail.
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