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7 Secrets and Traits of Successful Video

13th September 2010
By videomarket01 in Business Law
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Hi! Iím Maria Andros, founder and CEO of Video Marketing Queen, Inc. Each one of us has a passion for a cause, a commitment, family, etc. Iím passionate about teaching entrepreneurs and businesses around the world how to increase profits, attract new clients and create a celebrity like following online.
It was back in 2007, that I became an entrepreneur online. I started sharing my story by making simple videos. Through simple online video creation and online video distribution, I was able to build relationships with my clients. Iíve empowered these entrepreneurs to successfully attract their own clients and helped them expand their online brand awareness while growing the size of their list.
I want to help you take your business and your life to the next level. Iíll provide tools and guidance to create phenomenal results and increase conversions to your website. Youíll learn how to leverage the power of internet video marketing, social media and Personal Branding.
But before you start to make your video for the web, you want to make sure that you make videos that will call your customers into action. There are seven secrets and traits of making a successful video:

1. Manage the customerís emotional state
If youíre not good at this, donít worry. Iíve built a muscle for this. Iíve trained myself. Through practice and perseverance, I became a master of persuasion and influence. I had no knowledge of this before. So, if I can do it, so can you.
2. Being able to build trust and a relationship with your customers/prospects
Developing trust with your customers, results in long-term relationships of shared interests with your prospects.
3. Create and sustain interest
Itís basically being able to pique your prospectsí curiosity creating a desire to watch your video. If you donít build that curiosity and interest from the beginning, you wonít get the conversions you want: getting people to watch your videos and then go to your website. Your website is your store.
4. You want to be able to qualify your prospects
You can do this by finding your customersí deepest needs. You have to know who your customer is.
If you donít know who your customer is, you wonít be as strategic and as successful as you should be. Once you know who your customer is and what theyíre looking for, you start making money. Thatís when you start becoming a force of influence online.

5. To be able to explain the problem better than they (your customers) can
Eben Pagan teaches that when you explain the process better than your customers can youíre on the right road. He is able to explain the problem better than I can. Thatís why I spent $10,000 on his seminar. He had what I was looking for. Thatís what the top marketers in the industry do.
6. Storytelling
Many people go online just pitching and selling. Sharing parts of your life is a good way to build that sense of relatedness with your customers.
7. Powerful call to action
If you have a great video and youíre putting it online but you donít have a powerful call to action, it wonít convert. Youíve got a great product or a great program that will truly benefit your clients. Donít be shy. Your customers need what youíre offering tell them how to get it and get it now.

Maria A. Andros Ė The Video Marketing Queen is the Internetís leading female authority on Internet Video Marketing. Her goal is to teach you how you too can leverage the power of Video Marketing, and Personal Branding to take your life and business to the next level. For More information and other Free Internet Marketing Videos visit
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