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Grab The Chance To Live In The Land Of The Free

17th May 2011
By Sachin Kumar Airan in Immigration Law
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United States of America is known as the "land of the free" and is one of the most sought after countries for immigrants seeking a better future for themselves and their families. It is a country with diversities and opportunities. Each year, many people worldwide have come to make it their new homeland. Immigrating to the US offers many benefits such as a high standard of living, stable economy, excellent education and healthcare as well as personal freedom.

There are numerous ways to move to the US and one of the more popular options is trying your luck at the Green Card Lottery offered annual by the US government. The participation is free and winning this lottery entitles you to a green card that will give you most of the rights enjoyed by the average US citizens which includes government backed education, social security, healthcare and employment.

What on earth is the Green Card Lottery? The actual term is Diversity Immigrant Visa Program which is offered to eligible natives from selected countries. There are 50,000 visas being offered annually against over 10 million applications received worldwide. The selection of the winners is random through a computer-generated list. The pre-requisites of the program are relatively simple though stringent. You will need to meet its minimum criteria of a high school diploma or higher and at least 2 years working experience and most importantly without any prior criminal records and major health issues. Winning the lottery will entitle you to a green card and automatically cover your spouse and your dependents that are below the age of 21 years.

The Green Card Lottery is opened annually for a specified period of time and the eligibility criteria may sometimes change. You can enter the program now after you have done a preliminary check on your eligibility online as all the information and instructions are provided on the US State Department official website. If you find yourself eligible, you can either register directly at the site or alternatively, you could engage an ethical service provider that's accessible at any time of the year. While are other options to move to the US may require lengthy processes and years, the Green Card Lottery provide a good opportunity without having to wait too long. However due to its limited placing it is highly recommended that you submit your application at the earliest, sometimes at least 2 years in advance.

Most people who have successfully won the green card lottery will apply for the permanent citizenship which will enable them to apply for a government job, travel as a US permanent resident abroad, sponsor your relatives to immigrate to the US, stand for an election and the most sacred of it all is the right to vote. These days it is tougher to immigrate to the US, especially so since the introduction of the Homeland Security Act came into effect. In order to live, study and work in the US, you must have the green card or else you will be treated as an illegal alien.

Get all your necessary information now to start the process to your submission to the Green Card Lottery without further delay. The list of qualified countries changes annually and taking your time may just deprive you of the opportunity to move to the US. If you need to gather any other related information, you can visit
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