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Give Yourself A Go At Green Card Lottery

17th May 2011
By Sachin Kumar Airan in Immigration Law
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The United States Government issues 50,000 permanent immigrant visas annually through its Diversity Immigrant Visa Program that allows natives from selected countries to live, study and work in the United States. This program is widely known as the Green Card Lottery. All the relevant information and instructions for a successful application is published by the Department of State on their green card official website. This program is only open for a specified period of time annually.

The minimum criteria to qualify for the Green Card Lottery are a high school diploma or a higher education or else, two years' working experience in an occupation that required at least two year's training. All applications received for this program pass through the US Citizenship and Immigration Services for prior scrutiny to ensure high quality applicants. Successful applicants are randomly selected through a computer-generated list from over 10 millions of applications after they have met all its eligibility criteria. Successful applications automatically extend the same eligibility to their spouse and family too.

The Green Card Lottery attracts millions of submissions worldwide as it eliminates the basic necessity for sponsorship that's normally required through the regular immigration procedures. According to Wall Street Journal, there was a 25% increased in applications last year. However, it is quite alarming that only 20% of the over 15 millions of submissions would actually managed to qualify for the program. Over the years, many applications to the program were either rejected or disqualified due to the erroneous submission of information.

As such, in order to assist the many to overcome this hurdle, a number of application review services providers are offering their services over the internet. Some of them carry a decade of experience in dealing with the Green Card Lottery and are in a better position to assist applications to meet the criteria and deadline. These providers have a 24-hour customer service department with representatives that speak all the major languages to deal effectively with non-English speaking applicants. They also offer guidance on the proper steps to take as well as the legality in the US immigration law for applicants who had been successful in the Green Card Lottery. Although it is zero-cost when applied directly to the US Citizenship and Immigration Services, using the services of these external providers only require a very nominal fee which provides higher chances of success.

The Green Card Lottery demonstrates the true spirit of the US government to open its door to provide people across the world an equal share to the American Dream. There are many immigrants' stories of success to tell. Regardless of race or religion, they arrived on the shores of the US with a humble beginning as they see the country as an avenue of hope, new beginning and success. One such success story is Don O'Neill, the owner and creative director of Theia, an evening wear designer company that has had the liberty to dress Hollywood celebrities such as Norah Jones, Taylor Swift and Carrie Underwood.

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