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Seattle Car Accident

15th June 2010
By Jim Harris in Accident claims
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Everyday, people are injured from Accidents are one of the leading causes of injuries today. It can be from a slip and fall or maybe a box hitting you on the head at work. Whether your accident was due to the careless driving of another or the negligence of a coworker, you must not only be protected but also compensated through the help of a Seattle personal injury lawyers can help you find justice.

The law firm of Paglialunga & Harris, PS limits its practice to representing plaintiffs in serious personal injury and civil rights claims. We choose to stand on the side of wronged individuals and families. We do not represent corporations, insurance companies, or governmental bodies. Our clients are everyday citizens who have been seriously injured or have had their civil rights violated.

It is important that you actually like your lawyer and feel comfortable discussing your case with them. They should be professional and personable. Moreover, they should be less concerned with getting your payment and more concerned with how to win your case.

Another good reason to hire an accident attorney is to make sure that your best interests are represented. Most people have insurance when they are in an accident and believe that either the other party will pay for the damages or that their own insurance company will "take care of everything". Unfortunately, the other party may decide to change is or her story later on and try to claim that you were liable. Also, your insurance company is not being paid to represent your best interests. In reality, they exist to make money. Your accident attorney can advise you of your rights and work to make sure you are not victimized by anyone.
Hiring an accident attorney does not mean that you are taking advantage of a situation. An accident attorney knows how to deal with opposing parties as well as insurance companies. His or her job is simply to advise, guide and represent you through your claim process. A good accident attorney is there to help you and to make sure all future claims are legitimate and fair.

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