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The causes of workplace accident

04th August 2011
By rachel moss in Business Law
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The causes of work accident are very diverse, from various causes of accidents can be classified as follows:
Direct Causes
Direct causes of work accidents are a condition that usually can be seen and felt directly, which is divided into 2 groups:
A. Unsafe human actions, caused by:
- Disability (body defect)
- Weak and tired condition of workers
- Unsafe Attitude and behaviour
- Knowledge
B. Unsafe conditions (workplace conditions that cause accidents), such as:
- Machinery, equipments, materials
- Work environment
- Process of work (How it works)
- Nature of job

Basic causes
Basic Causes consist of 2 factors:
A. Human factor (personal factor)
- Lack of physical, mental and psychological ability
- Lack of knowledge and skill
- Stress
- Having Motivation that is not strong enough
B. Work environment Factors
- Safety equipment factors: the lack of safety equipment in working such as helmets, vinyl gloves,
safety vests, safety glasses, etc.
- Physical Factor: noise, radiation, lighting, climate, etc.

- Chemistry Factor: dust, metal vapour, smoke, gas etc.
- Biology Factor: bacteria, viruses, parasites, insects
- Ergonomic and psychosocial

What they say about the work accidents?
- According to Henrich, factors causing accidents are unsafe actions 80% and unsafe conditions 20%
- According to Victoria, factors causing accidents are unsafe actions 85% and unsafe conditions 15%
- According to Jason Paul, factors causing accidents are unsafe actions 85%, unsafe conditions 10% and natural factors 5%
- According William Phoon, factors causing accidents are numerous, diverse, and complex

The main factors that cause accidents are:
- Work environment
- Methods of Work
- The workers themselves
Work accidents become very horrible things for everyone and when the work accident happens, no matter how small, will result some losses. Therefore, as much as possible and as early as possible, accidents or potential of accidents should be prevented / eliminated, or at least be reduced. Therefore, the existence of safety supplies is urgently needed by every company to prevent accidents in the workplace. In handling safety problems in a company should be done seriously and thoroughly.

It can be concluded that all accidents, whether directly or indirectly, is the result of human error. There will always a risk of failures in every process or activities of a job. Generally, the causes of accidents at work are as follows:
- Tiredness
- Workplace conditions (unsafe workplace conditions)
- Characteristics of job itself
The relationship between job characteristics and workplace accidents, workload and duration of a job (work hours) be the important factors causing work accidents.
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