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Tax Investigation Corporation Launches New Website.

21st February 2011
By ArinDean in Taxes
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Los Angeles, CA – Tax IC is taking the lead in providing tax relief services via cutting edge business solutions for tax attorneys, Enrolled Agents, CPA’s and tax preparation professionals, in addition to tax relief and IRS debt resolution services for the individual taxpayer and small businesses. Tax Investigation Corporation is a nationwide network of tax professionals that offer personalized and localized tax debt, audit, tax preparation and other IRS and state taxation department services to any individual person or business regardless of their location or tax problem.

Tax I.C. has established a reputation for providing excellent and professional tax services and as a result of their extensive tax and IRS expertise they have the ability to help with tax negotiations and IRS settlements. Tax professionals seeking to expand their business or improve their client and sales management systems as well as individual taxpayers and businesses are able to find help with locations across the continental United States of America.

Unlike many other “tax experts”, Tax Investigation Corporation does not allow the line of morality and ethics to be blurred by offering only one type of tax relief, IRS audit or tax debt resolution strategy. A tax settlement or IRS settlement, known as the “Offer in Compromise” is rare and usually comes with many restrictive qualifying rules that can be prohibitive before an agreement is even established. Clients of Tax I.C. trust they will receive open and honest answers to their questions by tax professionals working to get to the heart of the problem and find a personalized solution to their case and the support they need in what is astressful time and a difficult situation.

Tax Investigation Corporation offers solutions designed specifically for each individual taxpayer or business’ unique problem. They are the only firm that provides answers and resolutions solely for the tax relief and IRS resolution industry. Some of their solutions include:

iirs – Client and sales management software specifically designed for the tax resolution industry; provides full customization to each business need.

Client acquisition – Includes direct inbound marking, TrueClient, and representation sourcing services; these services can be tailored to each business need.

You can contact them through their website at or their toll-free telephone number: (800) 439-9930.
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