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2010 Free Federal Tax Filing For Free Federal Taxes 2010

18th February 2011
By denialnichol in Taxes
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Follow this simple procedure and file your Federal Taxes Absolutely free for this year and get fastest tax refund. This process is calculated automatically your state taxes 2010, federal taxes 2010, and tax refund amount also. So just register now and complete your procedure within minutes.
File Free Your Federal Tax Return Filing 2010 Online from Here
First Of All click on Tax Act
Then After Create Your Account
Now see the video for your information
Now Click On Continue Button
Did you use Tax ACT last year? – Yes/No
Even if you did not use Tax ACT to prepare your taxes last year, you can still import basic information from your 2009 tax return.
Select- Do you have a PDF copy of your 2009 tax return? – Yes/No
Now Enter Your Name, Social Security Number and Date of Birth and click on continue
If you are married person, please complete the fields - Spouse's full name, SSN number, Date Of Birth, Occupation – Continue

Please indicate if you are considered legally blind. Also indicate if you were permanently and totally disabled during any part of 2010.

Enter Your Student Status
Enter Your Address and Telephone Number
Describe State of Residence
Can you be claimed as a dependent on someone else's return, such as your parent's return?
Do you have any children or other individuals that you may claim as a dependent on your return?
Enter Your Filing Status like Single, Married Filing Jointly, and Married Filing separately, Head of House Hold and Qualifying widow(er)
Now Confirm Your Information
Did you make any federal estimated tax payments for 2010? – Yes/No
Select State Estimated Tax Payments – Yes/No
Tell us about your Life Events
Enter your wages - Did you receive any wages or a salary from an employer in 2010? – Yes/No
Select Investment Income – Yes/No
Select Business Income – Yes/No
Select Rental and Royalty Income – Yes/No
Select Retirement Plan Income – Yes/No
Select State Income Tax Refund – Yes/No
Select Social Security Benefits - Yes/No
Select Unemployment Compensation - Yes/No
Select Other Income - Yes/No

Select Income Examiner – Review summary of the income entries
Select IRA Contributions – Yes/No
Select Education Information-
Did you pay college tuition costs for yourself or members of your family, pay student loan interest in 2010, receive educational scholarships or fellowships not reported to you on Form W-2, or receive a distribution from a Coverdell ESA or qualified tuition program (529 Plan)? - Yes/No
Select Other Adjustments – Yes/No
Select Itemized Deductions - Yes/No
Select Standard Deduction - Motor Vehicle Tax - Yes/No
Deduction Examiner – Take a review of summary of the deduction entries
Select Adoption Expenses - Yes/No
Earned Income Credit
Select Residential Energy Credits - Yes/No
Select Alternative Motor Vehicle Credit - Yes/No
First-time Homebuyer Credit – Repayment - Yes/No
Credit Examiner – Take a review of summary of the credit and payment entries
Select 2011 Estimated Tax - Yes/No
Select Underpayment Penalty - Yes/No
Federal Tax Summary – Review summary
Here we will provide you to alerts like
Please select the type(s) of Alerts you would like to review:
Red Alerts - Errors and Omissions
Yellow Alerts - Warnings
Green Alerts - Tax Saving Ideas
All Alerts
If you don’t want to choose any alert then skip this process.
Select Finalizing Your Return - Yes/No
Select Prior Year Comparison - Yes/No
National Averages Comparison
Tax Watch 2011
Now File Your Federal Taxes Absolutely Free From Here
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