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The Seven Most Common Causes of Motorcycle Accidents

16th April 2010
By Penelope Stone in Accident claims
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One way to lower your chances of having a motorcycle accident is to educate yourself about the most common causes of such accidents. Here are the seven most common causes of motorcycle accidents, and some ways to prevent them.

One of the top causes of motorcycle accidents involves the driver in a car or truck cutting into the lane of the motorcycle to make a turn. This cuts off the cyclist's space and violates his right-of-way. This can be corrected by being aware of the space you have, and staying in your own lane.

New motorcycle drivers, with a lack of experience and knowledge about driving their bike, also can cause many of the accidents. They may drive at excessive speeds, not keeping track of distances between other vehicles, or even swerving just for the thrill and feel of it. Motorcycle drivers need to be aware of speed limits and stick to them. Excessive speed in this type of accident can cause devastating results.

One of the top causes of accidents with bikers is that drivers of other vehicles don't see or pay close enough attention to the fact that there is a motorcycle driving along with them. The motorcycle may be easily hidden in blind spots or made even more difficult to see by rain, snow, or fog.

Rear end collisions are one of the top causes of motorcycle accidents. Usually this type of accident involves another vehicle rear-ending a motorcycle because the driver didn't stop as quickly as the motorcycle driver did.

Sudden stops with a motorcycle cause many accidents and don't always involve another vehicle. Motorcycles stopping too quickly may end up with the driver being thrown over the handle bars at a very high rate of speed, and resulting in severe injuries or even death.

Many biker accidents happen because other motorists getting out of their vehicles don't look closely enough before opening the car door. If a motorcycle is coming, it may run right into the door that has been opened in his path.

Many accidents involving no other vehicles happen because of poor weather conditions and the biker not driving accordingly. Slippery roads, wet roads, freezing temperatures, foggy conditions, and going too fast do not mix well. When the road is wet or slippery, a two-wheeled vehicle has a much higher chance of having an accident than a four-wheeled one.

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