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Compensation Claims: When To Make An Accident Claim

19th April 2010
By Jessica Parker in Accident claims
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If you are wondering whether or not to make an accident claim following an injury you have suffered, read on to find out how to decide and what to do next. This article talks about the misconception of the UK ‘compensation culture' and how to decide if you might have a valid claim, as well as where to go next for more information.

‘Compensation culture'

Some people wrongly attach a negative connotation or stigma to the idea of making an accident claim. This is in reaction to the supposed ‘compensation culture' we are living in, where it is thought by some that many people are making unnecessary claims for their injuries.

However, the idea of a compensation culture is a misconception - compensation claims have actually reduced in the UK since 2000, and we now have the lowest number of accident claims of any developed country other than Denmark.

Should I make an Accident Claim?

If you're asking yourself this question, there are three more questions you need to answer positively before going any further. If you can answer ‘yes' to these three questions, you may well be entitled to claim compensation.

1. Have you or the person wishing to make a claim suffered an injury or experienced pain and suffering?

2. Was the injury caused by an accident or series of events which were due to someone else's negligence (was someone else at fault)?

3. With the exception of injuries which occurred when you were a child, or industrial diseases like asbestosis or mesothelioma, did the accident happen within the last three years?

Once you have established that you might be entitled to compensation, there are a few more points you should consider when deciding whether to make an accident claim.

How much will it cost me to make a claim?

Fortunately, we in the UK have a system which allows compensation claims to be made on a no win no fee basis. This means that, if your accident claim is unsuccessful, there will not be any fees or costs for you to pay to your solicitor and you can walk away without losing any money at all.

And, according to the no win no fee system of accident claims, when you win your claim, the costs and fees for your case will usually be claimed back from the other side, so that you get to keep every penny of your compensation.

Will my employer sack me?

If your accident happened at work, you may be concerned about losing your job. However, this is not something you should worry about, as it is unlawful to dismiss an employer because they have made a compensation claim.

Moreover, making an accident claim could safeguard other employees, perhaps your friends and colleagues, from suffering a similar accident or injury to yours. This is because the accident claim will force your employer to correct whatever faulty system or equipment led to your injury.

For further information, you should seek professional advice straight away from an accident claims specialist. With expert advice right from the beginning, you are far more likely to be successful in your compensation claim.
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