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Emigrating to Hong Kong - What You Need

17th November 2010
By KellyWhite in Immigration Law
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Jobs in Hong Kong often beckon to people who want a change in their environment. Since the turnover to the China government in 1997, the number of Britons moving to Hong Kong has dropped. However, there are still many opportunities there for those that have an adventurous soul. If you are interested in moving there, you need to understand some of the legal requirements you need to meet. If you have a British National (Overseas) Passport, you can enter and exit Hong Kong for any reason. That status applies to those that gained British National (Overseas) status before the Chinese takeover in Hong Kong. That status likely does not apply in most cases.

In order to get a valid work permit for Hong Kong, you need to secure a job first. Jobs in Hong Kong receive one of two statuses. Overseas contracts come into play when your company transfers you to Hong Kong, if the company holds incorporation outside the City. The other method is local contracts. Overseas contracts often include many of the extra living expenses included in the contract. This minimizes the amount of taxes involved. Local contracts usually cover all other employment opportunities offered to foreigners. There are jobs posted on the internet that offer opportunities for foreigner employment.

Once you secure one of the jobs in Hong Kong, the next step is getting a work visa. The company that hires you will need to sponsor you during the application process for the visa. Your future employer needs to provide the application for you along with proof of your employment. Once you get the visa, you can apply for residency for your spouse and children, if applicable. The entire process takes between four to eight weeks. Work visas usually cover the length of your working contract. If your employer extends the contract, the visa may be renewed. Most visas do not go beyond two years, and a renewal is required then as well. If you gain new employment with another Hong Kong company, you need a new work visa then as well.

Jobs in Hong Kong require a commitment to live in another country. You will need to consider housing, health coverage, and changes in culture. There is a wide range of languages involved. All of these factors will be adventuresome for many while others may not make the adjustment. Nevertheless, you will never know until you try it.

Kelly White is a business analyst who is currently researching jobs in hong kong
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