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Divorce Magazine Publisher on Huffington Post's New Divorce Section

26th November 2010
By Josh D. Simon in Divorce
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As reported by Divorce Magazine last month, the The Huffington Post has launched a divorce section to help its readers make it through the often scary, expensive and traumatic process of divorce.
And one the new section's first prospective contributors is Divorce Magazine's co-publisher Dan Couvrette, a recognized expert in marketing for divorce professionals. For over a decade, Dan has also been producing articles, tips, FAQs and more to educate and empower divorcing people -- so they can have a civilized divorce that saves them money, time, stress and protects the well-being of their children.
Speaking to the National Post on the the Huffington Post's new section, Dan remarked that it "makes all the sense in the world," and was a "recognition that divorce is a part of modern life."
And still speaking to the National Post on whether Hollywood divorces raise eyebrows anymore, Dan questioned "Is anyone shocked at divorces anymore? Maybe if Michelle and Barack Obama got divorced this year, that might be a bit of a shocker."

Interviewed for this report, Dan shared:
"At Divorce Magazine, we support any organization -- news-based or otherwise -- that helps divorcing people find quality information to help them make it through the challenging divorce process. Information is power. And timely education is the key to a civilized, swift and relatively inexpensive divorce. Divorce Magazine welcomes over a million visitors each year, and we're happy to see that other websites are following our lead in producing and promoting content that makes a real, positive difference."
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Josh D. Simon is the staff writer of Divorce Magazine and which offers information on Divorce Lawyer and Divorce.divorce law,divorce information
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