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Personal Injury

Beauty Waxing Treatments Popular but Potential Causes of Distressing Injuries

06th March 2012
Beauty waxing treatments are a popular form of hair removal. The two biggest dangers with waxing treatments are burns from hot wax and torn skin, both relatively common injuries when waxing procedures are performed by unqualified, inattentive or poorly tr...
Author: Harry Marldon

Divorce Magazine Publisher on Huffington Post's New Divorce Section

26th November 2010
As reported by Divorce Magazine last month, the The Huffington Post has launched a divorce section to help its readers make it through the often scary, expensive and traumatic process of divorce. And one the new section's first prospective contributors i...
Author: Josh D. Simon
Family Law

Things You Should Consider When Having Laser Tattoo Removal

14th September 2010
There are different ways of removing tattoos. Tattoos can be removed by laser treatment or by excision. Excision involves cutting up the part where the tattoo is and then sewing back the skin. This method is generally practiced on small tattoos. New proce...
Author: alfredalton