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5 Key Tips to Make Your Divorce As Painless As Possible

25th November 2010
By Matthew Robert Payne in Divorce
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I went through quite nasty divorce proceedings where at the end of it I had been admitted to a hospital with my first nervous breakdown. I know if I did it again these are the things that I would do.

TIP 1 If your spouse wants to talk through lawyers let them do it that way

Divorce proceedings can be very painful for both parties and can be hard sometimes to speak logically face to face. If your partner who has left you only wants to talk through lawyers make sure that you comply if you can. You can make sure you tell your lawyer what you want and they will make sure your former partner knows what you want.

TIP 2 Try to be reasonable in what you want in the settlement

Some people want to fight just for the sake of fighting. It's quite alright not to fight that much and just accept most of what your partner wants and let them have it. There is no law that says you have to fight about every little thing. Letting your partner have what they want is a nice gesture and can help later on when they reflect how reasonable you were,

TIP 3 Try to come to grips with the fact that you and your partner have split forever

You'll save yourself a lot of pain if you just try to come to grips with that fact that you have lost your partner forever. Sure, some divorced people marry again years after they split, but they are the exception and not the rule. Even if you are a Christian and you don't believe in divorce and the fact that a court can pass a divorce, accepting what your partner wants and letting them have it is a whole lot better then trying to hang on to some hope that you can get back with them.

TIP 4 Pray for your former partner

I know it might be hard for you to accept that your partner will one day be with another person but you can have a say in who that is, simply by praying that God would bring the absolute best person into their life. When you come to grips that the divorce is taking place, take the time to pray that your ex partners next partner is a good one for you and for your children if you have children. If your partner already has a partner and you don't think it's God best for them, pray that God' will, will happen and they will break up and your partner will find the best for themselves.

TIP 5 Treat your former partner with love and respect

When you are picking up the children don't be nasty with the way you do things. Don't be late to pick up the children and late home with them. Respect your former partner and treat them with respect. If you didn't respect them while you were married, learn t respect them now. If you ever going to have a shot at getting back together, they are going have to see you have changed.

Treating your former partner with respect also means you treat their new partner with respect also. Always be nice and cordial with the new partner. You might not think they are worthy of your partner, well don't tell them that, go and pray harder if you must.

I hope these points help you and you learn from my experience.

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