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Why Green Card Renewals is very important

29th June 2011
By Vlad Works in Immigration Law
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Have you ever wondered why green card renewals are essential? Green card renewals are necessary because of two things: it protects their state, and protects the citizens.

First, it protects their state. It protects the united states from unwanted aliens who would want to have your life in the country of hope. Obviously, the US, or any booming country for instance, would not want people swarming inside their country, and so they will have to set up a system. This system filters out people who are loyal towards the country from those who would want to benefit from it. The goal of the renewal of the green card is to make sure that the numbers of citizens are controlled start by making them commit on as being a full pledged citizen. If individuals are committed into carrying this out, then the country can discount every other delinquent, and protect the state as a whole

Second, it protects the citizens themselves. This green card system provides them with protection that only that state will offer. This protection is offered to them if citizens themselves could prove their citizenship with the green card system; and the state consequently, can provide protection to them. For example: between a couple who claims that they are citizens, and need protection from the other person, how can you tell what type of them is being truthful? You guessed it right: the one that is holding the green card is telling the truth. And thus, almost every other privilege their state has to get a true US citizen is given to every other holder of the green card, anytime and around the whole world.

For that renewal part, this provides the US government of timely update of each other citizen. You will find green cards however, which can be issued to get a limited period under conditional residency terms. In this situation, attempts needs to be made well ahead of the card expiry, to remove the conditions on permanent resident status. This can be achieved by filling Form I-751 which is a petition to obtain the conditions from holder’s US residency, removed.

It's mandatory to learn the enormous significance of self-awareness in timely green card renewal. A natural card holder who is out of US and does not renew or make an application for renewal of his/her green card could be denied to go in within US due to a lapsed and non-renewed green card. This gets to be more important in light to the fact that the card holder did not abide by his responsibility to proactively take steps for green card renewals. These are the reasons why green card renewals are very important.

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