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Criminal Law

Texas Penal Code: Assault

13th August 2012
Section 22.01 of the Texas Penal Code establishes what it is to commit an assault in the State of Texas. There are three ways a person can commit an assault, each with varying levels of severity. The first way a person can commit an assault, under Sub...
Author: peter wendt
Immigration Law

How to bring in your adopted child to the US?

16th June 2011
Adopting a child from another country is called overseas adoption. It is a painstaking process with a lot of procedures and formalities. But once the parents are done with the paperwork, then it is all happiness and joy for them when they begin their life...
Author: Jessica Potter
Criminal Law

Arrest and Booking - Anatomy of an Arrest in Florida, Part III

20th January 2011
You’re Under Arrest… If the authorities decide that they have probable cause in your case and decide to proceed with charges against you, they are going to have to get you into the courthouse in some fashion. There are three ways that this can be acco...
Author: Law Office of Garry L. Potts, P.A.

Tax Relief for IRS Debt Penalties

13th January 2011
It can be quite a shock to discover that the amount of back taxes owed is double the original amount expected since the IRS adds on penalties and interest to back taxes. If you owe the IRS money from back taxes, you will often find tax relief by asking f...
Author: Heidi Parchmann

Avialable Free Divorce Records

04th January 2011
If you’re wishing to possibly find that state that is free from any divorces, you may not find one anymore because nowadays, every state is already going through this kind of problem based on reports and numbers. Along with the other states that are exper...
Author: Ben Dave

The U.S. Citizenship Process

07th September 2010
An individual is called a US citizen, when he/she is a legal member of the United States. Being a US Citizen , the individual has given many rights. The US Citizen may obtain the Social Security and Medicare benefits on retirement, given the right t...
Author: Linda_Williams
Personal Injury

Confirm to work accident injury reports

28th April 2010
An accident at work defined as an external, unintended, violent, unexpected and sudden event, during implementation of work or at work place, which causes injuries to health or life to employee. If you get injured at work place or witness any, you have to...
Author: Jamie Hanson

Uncontested Divorce in Thailand – How a Marriage is Ended under Thai Law

15th January 2010
"Divorce is a very controversial topic and all over the world it reaches alarming rates. According to Thai law, under section 1501 of the Commercial and Civil Code a marriage in Thailand is ended in one of three ways. It is either executed by:1. The ...
Author: Mistina Thomson

Tax Relief Free Assistive Tip

01st December 2009
Even if your search is about other tax relief information, such as resorts fly fishing, saltwater fishing reports, deep sea fishing tackle or even fly fishing lodges, this article will prove very helpful, to say the least. When the IRS decides to size...
Author: monty111

Bush Tax Relief Assistive Guidepost

27th November 2009
If you are looking for information about bush tax relief, you will find the below related article very helpful. It provides a refreshing perspective that is much related to bush tax relief and in some manner related to online fishing, fishing log, fishing...
Author: monty111

Instant Tax Relief- Free helpful Hints For Instant Tax Relief

27th November 2009
If you are looking for information about instant tax relief, you will find the below related article very helpful. It provides a refreshing perspective that is much related to instant tax relief and in some manner related to yellow stone fly fishing, fish...
Author: monty111

Instant Tax Relief Important Article

27th November 2009
Are you searching for information related to instant tax relief or other information somehow related to over fishing, or fishing shops? If yes, this article will give you helpful insights related to instant tax relief and even somehow related to fly fishi...
Author: monty111
Business Law

How to Negotiate Hotel Contracts for Your Own Event

02nd October 2009
Many factors come into play when renting a space for your event. For now, we are going to focus on hotel contracts, because hotels are still the most popular and profitable place to host an event. When renting a space at a hotel, you will first speak to t...
Author: Arvee Robinson

The Stages of a Car Accident Lawsuit - What to Know

29th September 2009
There are basic stages to a car accident lawsuit, although not every step happens in each case. Every car accident lawsuit has individual circumstances and facts, and the appropriate lawsuit procedure is based on those. In the first stage, documents kn...
Author: Daniel Berry

Remedies for Breach Of Contract - UK Law

16th July 2008
IntroductionThere are various remedies available to an innocent party where there has been a breach of contract. The main remedy (and the most well known) is damages. However there are suite of remedies available at law that are available in certain situa...
Author: Leigh Ellis