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What Are The Kinds of Damages Given in Personal Injury Lawsuits

28th April 2010
By Kyle Amen in Personal Injury
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Personal injury accidents are common occurrences these days and anyone of us might get into these accidents at any time. If you get involved into a personal injury accident and get injured as a result of it, you can have a personal injury claim. If the accident occurred due to the negligence of someone else, you may file a personal injury compensation claim and get compensated for the damages caused by the accident. You must be compensated for the physical, mental, and financial pain caused by the accident. Personal injury law is there to protect the accident victims and award them with compensation for their loss and bring the guilty to the justice.

There are many sorts of damages that are involved in a particular personal injury case. These damages may include but not limited to property damages, medical bills, hospital bills, loss of income and wages for present and future, pain and suffering, loss of ability to enjoy life, loss of companionship (in case of death) etc. These damages are categorized as compensatory damages. These damages are given to the injured victims who get hurt in the accident. In some cases the damages are awarded to the family of the victims if the victim died in the accident. If victim shares the partial responsibility of the accident, the compensation will be reduced.

The second kind of damages awarded in the compensation claim is general damages. These damages permit the victims to be compensated for the non-monetary and monetary damages. Pain and suffering, impaired ability to live normally, loss of reputation and loss of loved one are defined as non- monetary damages. It is very difficult to calculate the monetary value of these losses. The damages are termed as hedonic damages, if the loss of ability to enjoy life is included in the compensation. Hedonic damages are very hard to calculate because the law cannot define or calculate the value of life and due to the loss of ability to enjoy life can't be calculated.

Another kind of damages is special damages that are easier to calculate. Special damages include monetary expenses that you bear as a result of the injury sustained in your accident. Special damages may include cost of repairing damaged property, loss of salary and wages etc. These damages can be claimed under special damages; therefore it is important to keep bills for treatment or the damage reports.

Personal Injury lawyer can assist explain different sorts of damages that can be claimed in an accident. A lawyer can explain and define the damages that you might claim after the accident. If you get involved into an accident, you don't have to know the kinds of the damages that may be claimed in the compensation claim. An experienced personal injury lawyer who has the good experience in helping the injured victim knows what type of the damages might be claimed for you.

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