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What the Research Says about Toronto Car Accidents

14th May 2010
By James in Accident claims
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Studies show that for the crisis-ridden streets in Canada, there are life-threatening accidents that can happen. Thus, driving for one hour can shorten your life for about 20 minutes. This is the reason why doctors suggest that drivers should just keep a cruising speed of 3-5 kilometers per hour which can reduce the car accidents. This is in consistency with Toronto car accidents. Car accidents happen to everyone, to the most cautious driver, to the cars with slow and fast speed. It is something that can occur at the most unexpected time.

A research led by a Toronto doctor said that drivers tend to increase the speed so that they can reach their destination in a shorter period of time. With this perception, the risk of having a car accident will increase. The research was done by computer models to represent the drivers' life and the accident due to the speeding. The research concluded that speeding will shorten the life expectancy of the drivers.

The Doctor also mentioned that even though the drivers don't realize that their life is shortened by 20 minutes for every 1 hour drive, they should still consider that there are 45,000 deaths due to car accidents both in United States and Canada. A researcher also suggested that the drivers should touch the accelerator pedal so that it will result to a longer run benefit and not the opposite.

According to the Doctor, slowing down at a speed of 3-5km will reduce the 3 million car accidents that happen per year. This will also reduce the injuries and fatal traffic accidents. Leidemaiye also reminded the drivers that they encounter about 100 other drivers and these 100 drivers may greatly affect their lives. This is the reason why drivers should take care to avoid Toronto car accidents.

There may be precautionary measures that are already in action like banning of illegal racing and photo taking, drivers should still slow down to avoid Toronto car accidents.

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