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What the Numbers Tell About Car Accident in Toronto

14th May 2010
By James in Accident claims
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When it comes to car accidents, Canada has relatively lower crash stats as compared to the other countries. But the fact that car accidents are common and dangerous, people in Canada should not take this for granted. They should still take precautionary measures when driving. Statistics also show that car accidents in Toronto are decreasing.

Canada records 160,000 road crashes every year with 2900 deaths from these crashes. From the recorded crashes, most of them are related to alcohol use which involves young drivers. Statistics show that 43% of the alcohol-related crashes involve the most vulnerable young drivers. The crashes are also prevalent in June when there are many young adults celebrating their graduation and proms.

The places that have higher percentage of crashes are the busy cities in Canada including Vancouver and Richmond BC.

When you experience a car accident in Toronto or any place in Canada, you should immediately seek help from a lawyer that specializes in auto accidents. Lawyers can help you with the legal battles when it comes to your claims and defending your case. With this, you should pick the best lawyer that can definitely help you out with the case. Bear in mind that different lawyers have different rates and fees. The lawyer that you will hire can also help you in understanding the special no-fault law in Canada. This law states that whether or not you are at fault, you will receive the right compensation for whatever damage or disadvantages you have suffered. Also, there are other regulations regarding car accidents in Canada so it is really best to get a lawyer.

It is said that accidents are unpredictable and unavoidable. Even the most cautious driver may experience an accident therefore the last possible solution is to be aware of what steps to take in dealing with an accident should it happen to come your way. So if ever you experience a car accident in Toronto, the first thing that you should do is to get a lawyer wisely so that you will be protected.

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