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Benefits of labor law Poster

02nd February 2011
By Cecily in Employment Law
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The labor law posters are the guide by the government, on millions of workers fundamental rights and obligations, in their respective workplace. It is the script explaining all the legal laws made by the government for the benefit of the employees. It covers all the essential issues of workers and guiding them with right information. The most important issue of minimum wage is also discussed in these posters. The minimum wage is decided as per the law of the country so it is very important to mention the same in labor law posters.

The crucial guidance on several parameters like working hours, health and safety, insurance policy, leave policy, uniformity of employment helps the workers to work with proper dignity and authority in his workplace. There are primarily two levels of labor laws poster, the federal and the State labor law poster and safety posters. The federal laws includes equal employment opportunity, USERRA, OSHA, minimum wage, military leave act, family and medical leave act, employee polygraph, employee payday notice and INS Anti –Discrimination. Whereas the state laws mention the state specific requirements which differ from state to state. This labor law poster ensures a legal bound exploitation free work place. If the workers find any activity against of the laws mention in the posters they can always inform the government officials for strict action against the guilty. For example a proper workplace enviourment without harassment and hazards is an employee’s right, but if it is not provided the employee can file a suit against the employer with this complains and the employer can be penalized with huge compensation. However the employers must keep a constant check on the latest amendments of the laws and publish only the current one for its employees.

These posters are for the benefit of both the employers and the employees. The employees become happy to work in a tension-free atmosphere from exploitation and thus give their full effort on their work which in turn helps the employer in business growth and profitability. The impression about the firm in the market also becomes appreciable to all as it becomes law-abiding employee friendly company.
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