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What is a Life Estate and How Does it Affect You?

06th November 2012
This is an article about life estates from the point of view of an estate planning attorney. A life estate almost always concerns real property. A life estate is usually created by a deed or by a will, and the type of real property usually involved i...
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Seattle Deposition Reporters

06th August 2012
The deposition, sometimes appropriately referred to as an “examination before trial,” is an important part of the pretrial process, often called “discovery”. A deposition is very similar to a witness examination at trial. A deposition may last for less ...

Understanding Your Long Term Disability Insurance Policy: How A Coverage Lawyer In Illinois Can Help

09th July 2012
At some point in time, nearly everyone has been warned to “read the fine print” before making a purchase – usually with an accompanying cautionary tale that makes your eyes pop open in disbelief! And most people would agree that it only makes sense to rea...

Choosing The Right Insurance Attorney

25th June 2012
When you've been injured or are ill, coping with your insurance company can be difficult. You aren't at your best and dealing with the legal complexities of disability or coverage law can be overwhelming, particularly if your insurer has denied your claim...
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San Francisco Wedding Cruise for the Wonderful Time in Your Life

06th June 2012
In regards to location or where to have a wedding, couples will quickly find that there are a myriad of options available to them. A San Francisco wedding cruise is a great option for those planning their upcoming nuptials. It’s a good fit for couples tha...
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Prevent Fungal Contaminants By Inspecting and Repairing Eavestrough, Soffit and Fascia Boards

26th March 2012
Homeowners who live in very wet climates are bound to experience some form of mold or mildew issues, but even homeowners in arid climates can find themselves battling mold and mildew growth in areas they least expect. While some people believe these fungi...
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Ripping Off Your Roof and Your Wallet: Avoiding Unnecessary Roof Repairs

26th March 2012
If there is one home improvement project that homeowners dread more than any other, chances are it has to do with roof repairs. There are a few reasons so many homeowners fear the idea of roof repairs, and many of them have to do with the costs associated...

Chicago Insurance Lawyer Help Collect Disability Benefits

16th January 2012
Disability insurance exists for the sole purpose of protecting employees who suddenly found themselves unable to work due to a physical or mental condition. Employees typically pay into these programs with deductions from every paycheck, and many don’t gi...
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Customer Misconceptions About Factoring

07th April 2011
Strong GDP numbers are a great indicator of economic growth. This has been the case with the Canadian economy. Almost all sectors have contributed to the growth story of the economy. There was a time, when trucking or freight companies, solely carried a s...
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Rick's 5 money saving tips

16th March 2011
Article published in The Capital District Wedding News. Volume #34 June 2010 Michael’s Banquet House Strong Family Equals Successful Business A strong family is the building block for a strong foundation. Or in Rick Treacy’s case it is the foun...

Benefits of having a personal injury lawyer

23rd February 2011
Injuries don't come calling. You might get injured any time as accidents don't specify a date and time before coming. People these days are very educated about getting accidental insurances and other damage control measures. At times it has been observed...
Estate Planning

The Importance of Landscape Design

23rd February 2011
Landscape designing has come of age. People these days are continuously looking for a landscape design that offers a blend of natural beauty and homely charm. Increasing standard of living has ensured that landscaping becomes an indispensable requirement ...