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Ripping Off Your Roof and Your Wallet: Avoiding Unnecessary Roof Repairs

26th March 2012
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If there is one home improvement project that homeowners dread more than any other, chances are it has to do with roof repairs. There are a few reasons so many homeowners fear the idea of roof repairs, and many of them have to do with the costs associated with replacing or repairing an existing roof.

When it comes to roof repairs, there are some necessary steps every homeowner should take to ensure that they are getting the most for their money, hiring legitimate contractors and avoiding price gouging.

Beware of Roof Repairs That Seem Too Expensive or Too Extensive

One of the greatest worries homeowners have concerning their home is the cost of replacing their entire roof. With an average replacement costing over $5,000, this is considered to be the biggest, and most legitimate, concern of all. While virtually every roof will need to be replaced at some time, many homeowners may be surprised to learn that their roofing has many more years left than expected.

Unfortunately, there are some unethical contractors that depend on homeowner's naivety when it comes to structural issues, turning small roof repairs into large profits. These shady contractors use a variety of tactics to convince homeowners that they need large amounts of unnecessary work done to their home.

Some of the most common ploys used by con-artist contractors are:

* Telling customers that their home has been severely damaged by water and the only way to salvage their house is to replace all of their roofing materials.

* Advising customers to replace their roofing deck in addition to their shingles or tiles.

* Showing customers 'evidence of a termite infestation' by pointing out holes in the roofing materials.

While these are just a few of the issues that are cited by contractors looking to make a quick profit, there are many other pseudo problems that may be pointed out to unsuspecting homeowners. If the estimate for roof repairs or replacement seems too high, customers should begin taking further action before signing a contract or writing a check.

Research Companies and Read Reviews to Find the Right Contractor

In this technological age, it is easier than ever before to scope out companies, read reviews and find references for any contractor. People now have the ability to check out virtually any company before even making a call for an inspection, and this is one of the most powerful resources available for homeowners.

Customers should always check references and reviews of any company or contractor they are considering hiring, both professional and in the matter of public opinion. By taking the time to ensure that a contractors' license is active and does not have any claims against it is a great way to determine whether or not a contractor is legitimate and trustworthy. Once a company or contractor is found to be licensed and free of any judgments against them, the next step is to determine if they are in good standing with past customers. There are many review sites available for free, where real people write about their experiences and share their stories for potential customers to read before making a decision about who to hire.

After customers have had one company perform an assessment and provide an estimate for roof repairs or replacement, if they feel that the estimated work was too excessive for the problem they should consider getting a second opinion from another company. Homeowners should not disclose the details from their first inspection, which could put them at risk for another company to agree with the excessive repairs in the hopes of landing the job themselves. Instead, customers should have the new company assess the situation and come up with their own plan of action.

While roof repairs may be an inevitable part of life, paying thousands of dollars more than necessary does not have to be. Homeowners who do their research before hiring a company to perform repairs stand a much better chance of hiring a contractor who will do the job right, and do it right the first time.

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