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Immigration Law

Toronto immigration applications experience sizeable spending budget cuts

21st February 2011
TORNTO, Canada - Funding cuts to 24 Higher Toronto Location organizations have lead hundreds of Toronto settlement workers to be laid off.A federal immigration reduce of $40,000 to the budget of the Toronto Neighborhood and Culture Centre has led immigran...
Immigration Law

Florida's Snyder Follows in Scott's Footsteps

18th February 2011
The governor of Arizona Rick Scott has been in the information recently for his new take on immigration law. The states in the southwest have lengthy endured from the menace of illegal immigrants. The bill that has garnered very much controversy states th...
Immigration Law

Rhode Island Con Man Arrested for Fraud

17th February 2011
In today's day and age, there are a number of circumstances of fraud that begin with impersonation. In Rhode Island, a guy was caught impersonating a lawyer specializing in immigration law. Audeliz Villegas of Pawtucket was arrested a introduced in a cour...
Immigration Law

President Obama calls for immigration reform at State of the Union Address

17th February 2011
WASHINGTON, D.C. - In his first State of the Union speech, President Obama has tied the significance of immigration reform to the nation's struggling overall economy. "Let's quit expelling gifted, responsible young men and women who could be staffing our...

Schoolteacher goes lacking eight days following husband files for divorce

17th February 2011
SAN RAFAEL, California - A San Rafael schoolteacher that went lacking is suspected to have been dealing with emotionally very difficult instances, which could have played a position in her disappearance. Debra Schmitt, 53, certainly not confirmed up on Ja...