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Rhode Island Con Man Arrested for Fraud

17th February 2011
By Lon Buck in Immigration Law
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In today's day and age, there are a number of circumstances of fraud that begin with impersonation. In Rhode Island, a guy was caught impersonating a lawyer specializing in immigration law. Audeliz Villegas of Pawtucket was arrested a introduced in a court at Providence for the con that he was operating. He pleaded guilty in June 2010 for hoping to be an immigration lawyer.

Con soon after Con

The 45 yr aged was ordered to shell out restitution to the two persons he duped. The sum made the decision by Judge Mary Lisi was a whopping $8,700. His modus operandi incorporated finding potential customers and convincing them that he was an immigration lawyer effectively versed with immigration law and registered to practice in New York.

Fraud and Desperation

He procured forged documents that mentioned the identical. Even when the victims realized that he was not a true lawyer and attempted to complain towards him, he had a final trick up his sleeve. He experimented with to market them the story that he was an immigration agent and even went as far as threatening to arrest them if they complained in opposition to him. Apart from that he is truly a good person. Villegas does not appear to hold any grudge towards the sin of lying.

Look Prior to You Spend

If you are seeking for immigration lawyers for any goal, be sure that you conduct correct research and obtain the right individual. Make specific that the attorney you meet is certified and registered. These facts are painless to entry and checking beforehand will be certain that you do not get duped like the unfortunate souls who trusted Villegas. Consulting veteran immigration lawyers is significant as your long term in the nation depends on their knowledge and authenticity. This is not an situation you want to flip a coin through and hope your preference of heads lands best aspect up.
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