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Jane M Dawson
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Business Law

Five Reasons An Ebay Seller Should Join An Online Business Forum

23rd February 2011
A business forum is the online version of a trade show or business conference. People from the industry—traders, suppliers, wholesalers, eBay sellers—are brought together on these forums. They ask questions, share advice, find clients, recommend traders, ...
Business Law

Online Dollar Store - How To Find Wholesale Suppliers

23rd February 2011
Start your own online dollar store to make money off this niche after purchasing inventory at wholesale prices. An online dollar store stocks all kinds of items you see in concrete stores. The advantage is that the seller does not spend on overhead, excep...
No Win No Fee

Trade Suppliers - Dropshipping B2B

23rd February 2011
Trade suppliers specialize in supplying to businesses, unlike regular suppliers and dealers. For example, trade suppliers might be selling disposable plates and cups, crockery, and stemware to catering businesses. Many dealers offer machine parts and equi...
No Win No Fee

Finding The Best USA Wholesalers Through Directory Lists

21st February 2011
It is common to find online retail business owners complaining on most business forums about not finding genuine USA wholesalers. This is not far from the truth. It is very difficult to locate genuine wholesalers when you try to search for them on search ...

Dealing With An IRS Tax Audit

14th October 2010
If you have received a letter that your tax returns are being examined, do not panic. Every year, a small percentage of taxpayers are audited. Receiving a notice of an IRS audit does not mean that you have done something wrong or not paid your taxes. The ...