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Five Reasons An Ebay Seller Should Join An Online Business Forum

23rd February 2011
By Jane M Dawson in Business Law
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A business forum is the online version of a trade show or business conference. People from the industry—traders, suppliers, wholesalers, eBay sellers—are brought together on these forums. They ask questions, share advice, find clients, recommend traders, and find suppliers or customers. Here are the best reasons for joining a business forum.

1. A business forum is the ideal place to find expert advice and help with questions such as:

* How dropshipping works
* How much shipping costs
* How to ensure product quality
* Getting great eBay reviews
* Creating an e-commerce website
* Pricing and promoting products
* How to find the best suppliers
* Licenses, taxes, and other legal issues

2. An online business forum is usually free to join. It costs nothing, and the seller gets the same help and expert advice that they find through paid resources, such as e-books and directories. This is not to say paid sources of information are not good enough. Many paid directories contain valid information, such as supplier contacts and addresses. However, if you are just starting out in business or want additional information not found through publications, join a forum.

3. Avoid dropshipping scams by accessing reviews on wholesalers and suppliers before placing orders. Visit any business forum, and you’ll find posts such as “Is XYZ legit?” or “Has anyone dropshipped with ABC Wholesalers?” If sellers do not find anything relevant, then they can create threads of their own.

4. Many sellers have found new ideas by brainstorming with other sellers online. Wholesalers, suppliers, and sellers often provide enough input for the seller to be able to decide on a niche or discover a new, profitable niche that he or she likes and finds interesting (one of the rules of selecting a niche is that, besides being profitable, it should also interest the seller). Some sellers get fresh ideas after going through new dropship offers advertised by wholesalers. For example, a pallet of cheap toys promoted by a supplier on a forum will be bought by a reseller who wants to use the toys to attract buyers to his or her new product line.

5. A business forum is safe. Members are not under any obligation to use their real names when posting to threads. Be careful to use online handles that do not look out of sync with the requirements of the business. Few forumers want to speak to someone with an inappropriate handle, particularly in connection with business. The forum posts are moderated; and therefore, the website is workplace safe. Only regular forum participants are allowed to send you private messages.

To find wholesalers, suppliers, and dropshipping experts, join a business forum and explore all the options it provides.

To find business contacts, learn how to turn your work-from-home trade into a lucrative business, or request reviews of wholesalers and suppliers, or join an online business forum for wholesalers, traders, and online merchants.
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