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About Me: The youngest of three children, Don Zens grew up in Cambridge Massachusetts. His father, a homicide detective and a veteran of Boston P.D., instilled in him a passion for investigative work that would stay with him throughout his young adulthood - and subsequent career.

After graduating high school, Donald enlisted in the military. During his time in Japan, Germany, and across the U.S, he would hold several positions - including three years as broadcaster and public affairs specialist.

Following his ten year Air Force career, Sgt. Zens settled in New York City, where he went to work for one of the country’s leading internet marketing and research firms. He remained there for over twelve years, working his way into upper management before returning to Boston three years ago to open his own private investigation firm.

Donald Zens lives in South Boston with his wife and their 2 sons. His PI Company has gained respect as an innovative investigative firm, and his work as a consultant and an online journalist garnered him the praise of some of the internet's top public records experts.
Criminal Law

Do you know what Happens when Facing Criminal Charges?

13th April 2010
If you happen to be charged with criminal charges you may have to show in court. At court you may unearth what destiny is going to be handed to you. In case you are a minor or this really is your first offense you could possibly be eligible for a delay...