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Do you know what Happens when Facing Criminal Charges?

13th April 2010
By Don in Criminal Law
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If you happen to be charged with criminal charges you may have to show in court. At court you may unearth what destiny is going to be handed to you.

In case you are a minor or this really is your first offense you could possibly be eligible for a delayed sentence. For those who have fruitfully concluded probation or any classes that were court ordered then the conviction might not collide with your record.

When the court puts you on probation you will have to meet with a probation officer at least once a month. The only way you will not have to meet with the probation officer is if you get non-reporting probation.

When your probation is getting ready to end you will have to submit prove that you completed everything. For example if you had to go to AA classes then someone would have to sign off on a paper for you. You will have to take all of these papers to your probation officer to show you went.

If the probation is for drugs then you will have to report more often. You will probably have to submit urine tests so they can make sure you are not using. If you are moving, changing jobs or going out of town you will have to speak with your probation officer first. He has to know how to reach you at all times.

Depending upon the crime that was committed probation could last from one to three years. If you get in more trouble while you are on probation it could be extended or even revoked.

If you are told you committed a probation violation then you could get a warning or a court date. If you get a probation hearing then the officer will more than likely ask the courts to have you spend the rest of your sentence in jail. Some of the more serious things that will be looked at as a probation violation are if you are caught with drugs or arrested for another crime you committed.

The actual hearing is pretty simple. The probation officer just has to show proof that you violated your probation then the courts will pretty much go with whatever the probation officer suggests.

If you are found guilty the courts could have you finish your sentence in jail. Once the sentence is finished you could still be on probation when you are released.

If for some reason the judge does not think jail is enough then you could find yourself in boot camp. These usually only last ninety days, but you cannot get kicked out of the program or quit or you could find yourself in prison.

Everything that transpired from the time of the arrest until the time you were free will be on your criminal records. These records tell others the type of person you are by the crimes you have been charged with.

Criminal records are no longer safe from probing eyes. They are public records for anyone to view 24 hours a day and everyday of the week. The searches are simple to conduct online from your home. If you are not sure what is on your record then take a few minutes and see what everyone else is seeing about you.
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