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Quick 'no fault' divorces must be enforced

02nd February 2010
The current divorce system which allows one person to be blamed for a failed marriage is driving couples to court, three out of four professionals stated.They urged for the medieval fault-based law system to be reformed so that couples are free to end the...
Medical Malpractice

Plastic Surgery Blunders Rise

23rd December 2009
It appears that the face of plastic surgery is becoming ugly; this is because there is a worrying trend in rising medical negligence and botched surgeries taking place. The fear of a clinical error in this field is more likely when consumers travel abr...
Accident claims

Types of road accident claims

27th October 2009
Road accidents are one of the most common occurrences these days. Almost everyone has been involved in some kind of road accident or at least have witnessed such incidents at some point of time. Road accidents can be classified as those, resulting fr...
Accident claims

Mud Fight

05th October 2009
A woman has filed an accident claim after suffering personal injuries as a result of a road accident that occured as a result of a muddy patch.The female motorist is therefore hoping that her claim will help others to come forward, as she battles for comp...
Personal Injury

Injury lawyer, Accident claims, Personal injury, Compensation claims, Professional negligence, Negli

10th August 2009
An injury lawyer has spoken out about professional negligence within the swimming pool industry and the products it provides. The lawyer has warned homeowners with swimming pools, that their filters could be faulty and that they could be swimming by a ...
Medical Malpractice

Medical Negligence Shake-Up

10th June 2009
It is estimated that one in tewnty people in the UK feel dissatisfied with the diagnosis or treatment they are given by a doctor or GP. As a result, 7,000 people each year make a medical negligence compensation claim because of the pain and ill health...
Personal Injury

Wigan council pays over £1m in personal injury claims

01st May 2009
It has been discovered that nationally, there has been a 40% increase in the number of personal injury claims related to uneven paths.Regionally, however, it has been revealed that in the last year alone, Wigan council has had to cough up more than Â...