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Australian Visas

01st March 2011
By Sachin Kumar Airan in Immigration Law
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Any time that you want to go to a foreign country, you have to have a visa to do so. The most common visas used to get into Australia are Australian business visas and Australian student visas. Each serve a different purpose and allow you to be in the country for a certain time depending on which visa you have while in the country. For instance, if you have an Australian student visa, you can only be in the country until you graduate from an Australian university. If you are on an Australian business visa, you are allowed to go back and forth to the country as needed by the company that you work for until the project is finished. When you apply for an Australian business visa, the company that you work for must provide a timeframe as to how long you will be in the country. You cannot have an open ended visa.

If you are looking for an Australian work visa, there are two types that you can get depending on your work situation. One is a temporary visa while the other is a permanent business visa that allows an Australian employer to recruit employees from any overseas country for a permanent job and residency status. These new employees would have dual residency in whatever country that they currently live in as well as Australia. A temporary Australian work visa is non discriminant against age or status. A person can have a temporary business visa for up to four years at a time. The employer does have the option to extend the visa after the four years if they so choose. If the employer decides to extend the work visa, this is the time that you can also apply for a permanent Australian visa. This would allow you to live in the country with dual residency on a permanent basis.

Anyone applying for an Australian student visa is subject to what subject they are studying in school. There are some subjects that the Australian government does not feel would make a worthwhile degree, therefore, you cannot attend an Australian university to major in said subject. A few of these topics may include; philosophy, leisure studies or general studies. This is because there is no job that you can apply for such as philosopher; hang out buddy or general studies. Because these sorts of educations are so broad, they could encompass anything, making it nearly impossible to get a job with them. This is partly why you have to know a field of study before you can apply for an Australian student visa. Once your student visa has been given, upon graduating from your field you can apply for a permanent residency visa.

The mot common visa applied for when coming to Australia is a business visa. This could be partly because Australia is an island and there are not many universities or schools on the island. There are several business opportunities that make having an Australian business visa worthwhile. Because there are so many different opportunities with an Australian business visa, it is the most desired of the visas. Not only can it be used for an extended amount of time, but it also can become a permanent residency if your employer feels that you are a worthy asset to their company.

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