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01st March 2011
By visasnap in Immigration Law
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Many foreign-nationals are interested in coming to the United States for a variety of reasons. Many wish to visit the many sights and wonderful cities the U.S. has to offer. Others may wish to visit for business related reasons. Many foreign-nationals may also wish to live and work in the United States as the wife, husband, or relative of a U.S. citizen or permanent resident. The United States is truly a region of great opportunity, and is often a welcoming environment for many foreign-nationals.

While the U.S. is a welcoming environment for most foreign-nationals, the procedure to enter the U.S. is often complicated and requires a comprehensive understanding of the many U.S. immigration requirements. There are many different forms that must be properly completed, and there are many required documents that are necessary to achieve a successful decision for a U.S. visa, green card or citizenship application. For example, a Marriage Based Green Card application may require up to eight different U.S. government forms to be properly completed, in addition to many additional documents to support the application. Even a “simple” visa like the B-2 Visitor Visa or the B-1 Business Visa also require several U.S. government forms, a significant number or organized documents, and an interview. If an applicant does not complete the proper U.S. government form properly, or submits improper documents, the U.S. visa, green card or citizenship may be delayed or denied, resulting in loss of money, time, business opportunities etc.

For decades foreign-nationals applying for a U.S. visa, green card or citizenship have had two choices:

pay “big bucks” to have a professional prepare the application; or
“go it alone” and self-file their application.

Applicants hiring a professional will often use an expensive immigration attorney or agency to complete their U.S. visa, green card, or citizenship application. This method often results in expensive professional service fees (in addition to the expensive application filing fees). The quality of professional service varies greatly and there is no guarantee that an applicant’s money will be well spent.

Individuals who “go it alone” and self-file their applications will often save themselves money in professional service fees, but often waste time and end up losing more money by having to apply more than once or not being able to enter the United States. Typically, self-filing applicants will spend many long hours scouring the internet, asking friends or family for help, or calling USCIS or their local U.S. Embassy to find out how to submit their application. Often applicants are confused and frustrated to learn that the information they receive from a friend or relative who has “done it before” is either wrong or outdated. Many applicants also learn the hard way that even U.S. government agents often provide incorrect or misleading information. This results in wasted time, money and effort on the part of the applicant.

The professionals at recognize that using an immigration attorney is often expensive and filing an application without proper guidance and organization can lead to countless hours of frustration with the immigration procedure. To better assist applicants, VisaSnap has created comprehensive application guides to save time, money, and unnecessary frustration. The goals of many foreign-nationals to visit, work and live in the U.S. are often disparaged when an application takes many unforeseen hours to prepare only to end up with a negative response from an immigration official. Don’t let this happen to your application.

VisaSnap’s application guides were painstakingly created by many immigration experts to provide all of the information and government forms for each different type of immigration application. Using Adobe Acrobat Portfolio, important U.S. government forms and immigration information can be easily located. For no added cost each required government form has been included in each application guide under the folder “Immigration Forms.” Each form and accompanying instructions can be found within this folder. Additionally, as VisaSnap only uses the approved U.S. government forms, each required immigration form can be completed in the application guide, saved and most importantly printed out. Additionally, sample forms and comprehensive instructions are included in each application guide to assist applicants and petitioners with properly preparing the many complicated U.S. immigration government forms.

In general, each of VisaSnap’s Application Guides include the following materials:

The most current fillable forms provided by the U.S. Government;
A step-by-step check list covering the entire application process, including instructions on how to organize your documents and how to best prepare for the visa interview
Complete instructions for the most important immigration forms
Pre-filled sample forms to better explain the process with a detailed analysis for several types of applicants
A list of documents needed for the visa application and any immigration interviews
Sample cover letters and/or sponsorship letters
A list of sample interview questions
A list of common reasons for denials

And many more valuable hints and warnings when applying an immigration visa, green card, or U.S. Citizenship.

VisaSnap’s Application Guides also include valuable resource materials such as, a list of frequently asked questions, a glossary of immigration terms, and contact information for USCIS offices and U.S. Consulates around the world.

Finally, VisaSnap understands that many different U.S. immigration applications are rejected or fail as the result of some easily missed instruction or required document. To assist applicants in avoiding these common mistakes, VisaSnap utilizes a custom “stop” sign to alert the reader to an important instruction or concept. By alerting would be applicants of these common mistakes, many individuals are able to submit U.S. immigration applications successfully the first time.

Sometimes an unforeseen problem will occur with an immigration application and the need for an immigration attorney will be necessary. VisaSnap provides an excellent immigration attorney referral system to best match an individual’s immigration needs with the best immigration attorney.

VisaSnap – Making Immigration a Snap! provides comprehensive professionally Immigration Application Guides . Helping out U.S. immigration process, assistance can be asked for B1 Visa Interview Questions asked during the process. In addition to assistance in VisaSnap’s Application Guides provide the most up-to-date information, an easy to follow guide, and sample forms to provide foreign-nationals and U.S. petitioners with easy to understand step-by-step instructions.
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