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America's Immigrant Investor Program vs Their Northern Neighbor, Canada

28th February 2011
By Stanley Hermosillo in Immigration Law
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Do you own a business? Are you looking to operate a business outside of your home country? Are you serious about investing in your company? If so you will need to obtain an investor visa so that you can legally work and run your business in another country such as the U.S., Canada, or some other location. Before you can get this visa you’ll have to work with the Immigrant Investor Visa for that country to ensure that you qualify and meet all of the set requirements for this type of visa. It’s vital that you are aware of these requirements and meet all of them without any question.
In the U.S., getting an Eb-5 Investor Visarequires you to meet specific requirements that prove you are entirely serious and prepared to run your business abroad. For example, one requirement for an Eb-5 Green Card is that you need to have proof that you’ve invested over $1 million into your business, and that once it is up and running it will be able to support and employ 10 full-time workers. These types of requirements are in place to crack down on those investors who are looking to come to the U.S. as a way to escape their country instead of being someone who is looking for an opportunity to become a successful businessperson.

In Canada getting an investor visa requires a few things:
• Having net assets needed to start a Canadian business
• Proof of a quality business plan
• Ability to hire more than one Canadian citizen as a worker
• One year or more of managerial experience running a business
These requirements are pretty basic and are similar to those in most countries. Both entrepreneurs and self-employed investors are most fitting for this type of visa and there is no set restriction on what the business has to revolve around. Farming, arts, music, and others are all acceptable. However Canada also offers a visa that may be more fitting for an investor. The investor class visa has different requirements which include:
• Investing $400,000 CD minimum into a government-approved program
• Operated and run a business outside of Canada successfully in the past
• Ability to accumulate a net worth due to business endeavors
If you’re unsure which visa is most fitting for you, it never hurts to contact the country’s immigration program. If you meet the requirements, have a clean bill of health, and a clean criminal history, you can almost count on being awarded an investor’s visa from either one of these countries. Don’t let your dream of becoming a successful businessman or investor die out! Apply for the visa you need and explore all of your options.

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