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Australian Visa Types

09th December 2009
By dylan in Immigration Law
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Australian Visas are generally divided into those for workers, for migrants, for students, for students, for refugees. A visa is a gives the holder permission to travel, enter and remain in the country for a particular period of time - this can be a short stay visa or for an indefinite stay.

The following are Australia visa types that dictate the length of time you can stay in the country:
•Temporary - This is an Australia visa that allows a person to enter and remain temporarily in Australia. Temporary visas can also offer a pathway to permanent residency. This is the type of visa offered for skilled workers for temporary vacancies in a particular occupation required in Australia. Some examples include subclass 457 for business (long stay) visa, medical practitioners visa or subclass 433 and educational visa or subclass 418
•Provisional - This is a temporary Australian visa that allows the holder to enter and remain in Australia until a decision is made on the permanent visa application. Most business visas start as provision and may lead to permanent residency once all the criteria for permanent residency is satisfied. Examples of Australian visas that are provisional include subclass 160 for business owners, subclass 163 for state/territory sponsored business owner, subclass 161 for senior executives and subclass 162 for investors. For some provisional visas, sponsorship is required for it to be granted.

•Permanent - This is a visa allowing the holder to remain indefinitely in Australia. For most business visas, the applicant needs to go through the provisional visa and complete the requirements first before acquiring a permanent visa. However, a direct permanent residence visa is also available for high-calibre people. Examples of permanent Australian visas include subclass 132 for business talent, subclass 890 for business owners, subclass 845 for established business in Australia and subclass 891 for investors.
•Bridging - This type of temporary Australian visa lets the holder have a lawful non-citizen status. It can only be granted in Australia.!

Dylan Lautner
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