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In Need of a Skilled Migration Visa Australia?

21st September 2011
By Brayden Ian in Immigration Law
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Many people want to move to Australia and it's understandable that the country should be so popular for migration. Australia is absolutely famous for its laid back way of life and for its friendly people. So much is this the case in fact that the country is known for coining the terms 'no worries' and 'good day'. On top of this Australia offers a beautiful climate and scenery, a wide variety of wildlife, and many great cities and amenities. The economy has held up well, and there are many job opportunities for anyone hoping to start a career out there.

It's good news for Australia that so many people are trying to get in, but for those of us trying to get in it's not such good news as it means there's more competition. Like any country, Australia can only offer a finite amount of space and resources and that means that they have to turn some people away. This can be very upsetting if you want to get a visa to move to the country, and it's why it's so important that you do everything you can to improve your chances of success when you apply. Here we will look at how to improve your chances of getting a skilled migration Visa.

Firstly, what does 'skilled migration' mean? Well essentially it refers to the fact that people who have a skill that can be turned into a profession have a greater chance of getting into Australia and other countries for that matter than those who do not. This is simply because it suggests that these people will be able to support themselves and pay their own way creating jobs and paying taxes rather than needing the government to give them hand outs and drain their funds. At the same time though if you have a skill that then means you can also provide a service which can thereby improve the quality of life in the country. For instance if you are a skilled health worker then you will be able to provide medical services and work in a hospital, or as an ambulance driver etc. There is a lot of locum work available for these kinds of jobs meaning that you can fulfill a need. That again benefits the country because it means that you can offer something that people need and reduce hospital waiting lists etc.

So the first way to improve your chances of getting a skilled migration visa is simply to make sure you have a recognizable and useful skill. The more technical your skill is the more use it will be, and the more qualified you are the more you'll stand out from the competition. Choosing your field carefully is also very important and think about jobs that are needed everywhere and that are constantly in demand like health workers (doctors, nurses, anesthetists etc), like carpenters and plumbers, like teachers, like IT workers etc.

One of the best things you can do to improve your chances though is not something that relies on you at all but on using an expert such as a lawyer or industry specialist in order to help you to apply in the best possible way. They can give you much more information and help you to fill out forms and attend interviews as effectively as possible.

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