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Are you and Your Partner Heading For A Divorce?

31st March 2011
By Sean Redfearn in Divorce
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Many people think that happiness will come their way the instant their divorce is finalized. The truth is far from that. For most married couples,
brings with it anxiety, depression and loneliness. You might think that all you need is to get away from your spouse but when that actually happens you might end up feeling lost.

The first step starts with acceptance. You created a life with another person and gave it many years; accept the fact that itís bound to sadden you. You might have gotten a broken heart and shattered self confidence in the process. But itís not going to last forever. Accept that your relationship is now over, though you might very well end up being good friends. For those couples who share joint custody of the children, an amicable and friendly relation often is the best. And many a times, it happens naturally. After all, itís very difficult to not be polite to the father or mother of your children, whom you need to see often.

The second step starts with trying to create a new life. This will not be easy, for some it might be harder than for others. The longer you stayed married, the harder it will be to get used to living alone. It helps to create new goals, try and experiment with new things. Join a gym and aim to lose weight. Or join a club and aim to travel more. Itís important to treat yourself with love and pamper yourself after going through a

. Try a new look or take up a new hobby. Do whatever it takes to start the healing process.

The third step starts with claiming your life back. Now, you have re-gained some self confidence and have new goals in life. Itís time to go back and once again socialize with friends you liked so much but just couldnít face before as someone single. Itís time to meet old friends and family again and reassure them you are doing just fine. Only because you are no longer married to your spouse doesnít mean you have to give up on all the people you knew as a couple. They will surely welcome you back in to their lives with just as much enthusiasm.

Once you have accepted that you need to create a life for your own, healed a little with new goals and new possibilities and also made reconnected with old friends and acquaintances, you will realize that it isnít all that bad to be on your own. Enjoy your new found freedom and make all your dreams come true!
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