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Filing for divorce online

30th March 2011
By christopher white in Divorce
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When filing for divorce, there will be varying degrees of emotional challenges for husband and wife When going through the whole divorce process you have 2 main things to be aware of - Finding a qualified attorney that can fill out the forms for the specific state you are in and seeing that these forms are taken to the proper places to set in motion the process One of the most trying things is filling out these forms because they are somewhat confusing and will require a monetary fee. The existence of the internet has provided an easier solution for this by providing access to individual states portals. Thus one won’t have to toil hard just to fill up a simple form as he or she can easily fill it relaxing in his easy chair.

If you and your soon to be ex-spouse are going to have go for an uncontested i.e Husband and wife are fine with parting ways, then each would save a whole bunch of money by avoiding high attorney fees and only having to pay for the filing for divorce forms. This at all won’t be a difficult prospect as thousands of women who face an uncontested divorce files their divorce suite all by themselves without the help of any divorce lawyer. A statistical report projected that over 50% of the women file successful divorce suites all by themselves and not with the help of any lawyers.

To file properly for a divorce you have to get the forms specific to your state, which means each state has its own particular forms that compliment state laws. If you are getting a divorce in Delaware but living in Maryland, the correct papers will be different between the two states. The laws for each state are widely different even though some may be the same. You still have to use the state specific form. Online access can provide a gateway to the forms necessary to fill out for a small amount of money which can alleviate some of the stress in the whole legal process. You will only have to select the concerned state and fill up the provided form. Most of the forms are about the same except for the titles. The different forms have to do with petitions, complaints and judgements. Same case of naming goes with the spouse who is filing the suit. Plaintiff or petitioner, they mean the same thing. Leaving apart these few facts, now the main website portals which provide the options of filing for divorce online are -, etc are the best portals in this business.

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