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DIY Divorce - A Solution to all Legal Hassles to Break Free from Marriage Ties

30th March 2011
By Rick Gueli in Divorce
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Have you and your spouse finally decided that it is high time to break your marriage and live independently, the solution lies in DIY divorce in the UK. In fact, managed divorce is one of the simple and easy procedures of obtaining a divorce. You and your spouse can take the benefits of hassle-free court proceedings along with saving the money that you might spend on your divorce lawyers.

You need to adhere to certain regulations or conditions set by the court before you both choose divorce UK as a means to seek divorce. Below is a list of some important divorce grounds as per the UK divorce laws that you and your spouse ought to follow:

It is necessary that you and your spouse must be mentally prepared for the divorce. You both must also agree mutually for the same. In this case, the maximum period of separation would be one year.

There must not be any pending disputes between you and your spouse related to property or monetary issues.

You must also not have children below 16 years at the time of filing for DIY divorce.

It is also necessary that you and your spouse are well aware of the mothers and Fathers rights before filing a divorce.

There must also not be any pending case in any court of jurisdiction related to marriage or divorce issue.

You both can finally undergo the proceedings of divorce provided you both fulfill the above-mentioned conditions. If not, then the best option would be to search for the reputed and knowledgeable solicitor, who would help to give you a divorce advice that can solve all your hassles in seeking for an instant divorce.

The overall expense of divorce is much less as compared to the divorce cost that you will have to pay to your lawyers. With the advent of Internet and growing demand for divorce, many people are today seeking divorce by filing papers and forms on Internet.

DIY divorce curtails the pain of undergoing court proceedings and mental harassments. It is however necessary that you and your spouse do not have any issues relating to the custody of your child, money or property. These issues are basic obstacles or hurdles in obtaining a hassle free divorce. In other way, it simply means that you both must mutually agree to all the terms and conditions.

Another important point of consideration is that soon after obtaining a divorce, both of you must have sufficient means of survival for yourself as well as your children. This can prevent both of you from fighting over the financial or property issues at the time of seeking a mutual divorce. Many schools of law and legal organizations provide the best divorce support and divorce counseling to the couples. They also offer online divorce advice and in preparing forms and documents for DIY divorce making it much easier.

Opting for a DIY Divorce is the best solution for the couples, who want to come out of their marriage. It is a good way to sort all the legal hassles in obtaining divorce quickly and with much ease and comfort.
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