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DV Visa

10th March 2011
By Charley Wilkins in Immigration Law
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The green card lottery was established under the INA wherein persons from under represented nations may possibly apply for any green card visa towards the US making use of a random drawing annually. If eligible the applicant along with the spouse and any dependent children could possibly be provided a visa on the identical time.
The Diversity Immigrant Visa program is actually a lottery system for getting a US green card. It truly is also called the Green Card Lottery.

Popularly referred to as the green card lottery, roughly 50,000 - 55,000 visas are issued yearly under this lottery program. The lottery is administered on an yearly foundation by the Department of State and performed under the terms of Section 203(c) with the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA). Section 131 with the Immigration Act of 1990 amended INA 203 to supply to get a new course of immigrants known as "diversity immigrants."

Applications are accepted for the duration of a 1 month application period each and every year, usually in October. Although numerous individuals do file the application for that Variety Lottery devoid of legal assistance, millions of applications are rejected with no discover towards the applicant and usually are not included while in the drawing. The cause getting because of minor technical blunders inside the application or submitting. There's no filing fee payable to the US government along with the application and the filing is fairly straight ahead, supplied that the applicant understands the rules.

Many men and women choose to hire an US immigration lawyer to help in submitting their applications simply because the cost of performing so is fairly low and also the procedure is pretty straightaway when professional assistance is sought. As described prior to the major lead to for rejection is technical errors in application or submitting. If 1 is picked for the green card lottery, the partner and minor children will generally be provided Permanent Residence in the identical time. The principal element limiting eligibility is the applicant should have at the very least finished higher school training or its equivalent.
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