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A Guide on How to Migrate to Canada From Philippines

01st March 2011
By Canadian Immigration in Immigration Law
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If you are currently a legal Philippines resident and want to find out how to migrate to Canada from Philippines, then it is important that you do your research and learn what you can expect in coming to Canada.

Many people are making the decision to change their lives and they choose immigrating to Canada as a good opportunity for bettering their life. However, immigrants need to understand some of the differences as well as similarities between Canada and their nation. Once you have looked at these cultural differences and similarities, you will be able to make a more educated decision regarding whether to migrate as well as how you can best make use of the various immigration programs available. This article will discuss the similarities, differences and the immigration process.

Similarities between Canada and the Philippines

*A primary educational system that is very similar.
*Both countries have a democratic government.
*Similar acceptance of diverse cultures as well as similar religious beliefs.

Differences between Canada and the Philippines

*In the Philippine,s a secondary education is very expensive and only about 31% of the population will attend college.
*There is exceptional health care in Canada.
*There are very few opportunities for professional businesses in the Philippines, but skilled trade is more common.
*There is a lower rate of violence in Canada.
*Canada has much more advanced technology, retail and school supplies

As this list shows, there are many differences as well as similarities between these two countries. Not all Filipinos choose to relocate in search of a better life, but many of the Filipino-Canadians who have immigrated to Canada have done so because they were looking for opportunities that they did not have in the Philippines. With several programs in place, workers, self-employed people and students - as well as many others - can now immigrate to Canada to find a much higher quality of life. Take a look at the five programs listed below and maybe one of them will suit your particular situation.


This is probably the most common way to immigrate from the Philippines to Canada. Immigrants can apply for a permit for Canadian study as well as the temporary resident visa in order to attend either a primary, secondary, vocational, language or post-secondary school. The person will need to be accepted into an institution for learning that is recognized and it must meet the permit requirements before they apply.

Temporary Work

If you want to work in Canada, you will need to have obtained a temporary work permit. It is also a good idea that you receive this permit before you enter Canada; however, there are some occupations which will allow applications while you are entering. It is required that you submit verification of the job acceptance, your temporary residence visa, as well as your ability to financially support yourself for the time you will be staying in Canada.

Self-Employed Persons

If you are self-employed currently and you have gained more than two years experience in a specific area, you might be eligible for the program for Self-Employed Persons. You will need to have an interest in contributing to Canada by engaging in cultural and economic activities in the country.


Canada has an interest in immigrants who will be offering job opportunities to its residents. The Entrepreneur Program is one that welcomes entrepreneurs who consider immigrating to Canada in an effort to create jobs and help contribute to the economy. However, entrepreneurs will need to meet very stringent guidelines in order to qualify for a residency program of this type.

Canadian Experience Class

Immigrants who are currently residing in Canada with a temporary visa may find the Canadian Experience Class very beneficial. Studens and workers who have graduated or whose job assignments have ended, respectively, may be eligible to get permanent residency with this class. The immigrants must show that they understand the Canadian way of life and are familiar with Canada in order to be eligible to receive permanent residency.

If you are trying to relocate and you have the right intentions, immigrating to Canada has the potential to change your entire life.

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