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Principles of Citizenship

10th May 2011
By Mirza Usman in Immigration Law
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"I know your rights, rights" (a high-profile campaign by the fortieth anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights).

"Human rights and fundamental freedoms are the birthright of all human beings, the protection and promotion of human rights is the primary responsibility of Governments" (Vienna Declaration and Programmed of Action, 1993).

"We must win the right to citizenship, the first approach is to incite" (coined any Vicheka, 2005).
"Live to the best of our dignity," I say, I very convincing article, entitled, such as; the principle of citizenship. Even today, "The best way to lead mankind through reason" is still valid. Everything in one or more purposes, but in talking about such a purpose (s), and we should learn from their own, as much as possible. Every day, on national television, every day we have been brainwashed human rights issues from a global point of view, the rights of citizens, as well as the relationship between rulers and the ruled, and the relationship between countries, and even human rights. The purpose of this paper is to define the word "citizen" from my point of view. Will be brought to view a very general point of view, (Cambodia) is very specific. How can person who has “civic” values.

Has recently been accused of "proved to be intelligent (mostly non-students)," but no matter what happens, how difficult it will be and what is wrong, I, I think I contributed a positive contribution to the welfare of Cambodia; this is one of other contributions to the overall good of Cambodia. Thank you for reading my article (s) and constructive criticism.

Most of us have a national identity card or passport and other administrative documents, birth, marriage and death, but we do not know what a summary of certain of these provisions is. The purpose of this paper is to seek to capture "has a chance," all the people as much as possible.

I do not want to coin a new definition of "citizen", and clearly know, it is by experts. However, I want to express my point of view of tactics, such as the abstract. Citizen, in my opinion, is a popular daily activity affects, directly or indirectly, government policy. For example, if a person decides to cast his vote, he or she is to fill a nationality principle, which would affect the Government. If the decision does not affect the sound government policy because of political rights is one of the leading government policies.

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