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The Challenge of Citizenship Empowerment

10th May 2011
By Mirza Usman in Immigration Law
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Local Government is facing ever-changing society, both in computing speed and distance. Some of the most compelling issues of the day is: (a) the economic structure adjustment and industry of the former Socialist collapse; (b) the impact of high unemployment as well as families and communities; (c) continued growth of the vulnerable groups , and the division and differentiation in the community grow; (d) strengthen the environmental concerns, and this is many times, "wild" urbanization. However, the size of good changes, it is difficult to predict any change in the future.

However, you can solve many problems, "not" any further efforts to a specific organization, department or organization. In fact, it stems from many actors in the interaction. Environmental issues, for example, led to the concept of sustainable development aspirations, including challenges such as crime prevention and community safety concerns in the current social stability. It also pointed out that the interaction of the conversion, urban and rural areas.

The role of community leadership and capacity development and cooperation has become essential to local authorities. The challenge is to be particularly important in the transformation of urban and rural areas; you can not handle any more than the traditional model of management.
Urban transformation, and therefore economic factors, but also raised profound social problems, and the need for related infrastructure. Structure in very different cities can not afford to integrate, such as informal settlements or low-income neighborhoods, and if necessary lead to the transition and integration of social problems must be addressed.

Leading city in an attempt to strengthen the leadership of social order: (i) To ensure local accountability element; (b) deal with problems arising from rapid urbanization, and (iii) mobilization of private government and coordinate non-governmental action.

At present, this process clearly fragmented political movement to celebrate. Most major political commitment to the process and decision makers to see the problem, the international community has a clear need from the local community. In addition, the discussions tend to focus on the perspective of local communities and citizens, enterprises, types of logic often do not exist. At the present time it is clear that if there is no financial sustainability of the city, there will be difficult places to talk about citizenship at the community level. In fact, international experience shows that customers find the logic of municipal services in the community, and often more sensitive to local authorities. It led to a better understanding of the local authorities on community service activities aimed at municipalities. This helps local authorities to learn and meet the local community, including service standards to inform their goals. In a few words, this means providing services to the interests of public concern and given greater emphasis.

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