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Zebra Printer Models

11th March 2011
By Henry James in Business Law
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Thermal printers are a fast and cost effective form of label printer or barcode printer and they have many varying uses that make them ideal for retail, in health care, and in the hospitality industry. While other types of label printer do exist, the thermal printer is quickly becoming one of the most popular types because of its speed and efficiency. If you’re looking for top quality thermal printers then a Zebra printer could be right for you. There are numerous different models of Zebra printer, each with their own benefits and potential uses.

Direct Thermal or Thermal Transfer
There are two types of thermal printer; direct thermal and thermal transfer. Direct thermal requires special thermal paper, because the printer directly heats the paper while thermal transfer printers use thermal energy to heat an ink ribbon so that the ink is then applied to the label or paper behind it.

The LP2855 Zebra printer is a direct thermal desktop printer and is at the lower end of the Zebra range in terms of price. The compact device can easily be used in offices, in the back of the shop, or even in your home and with a price tag of under £200 it is an affordable label or barcode printing solution too.

LP2824 Plus

The LP2824 Plus is another compact label printer model. Packed with innovative and useful features, the LP2824 Plus Zebra printer is also direct thermal and offers fast printing times as well as ease of use.


The TLP2824 offers either direct thermal or thermal transfer printing for labels and other purposes. It will fit easily on any desk and has a high media capacity roll. It can also print at up to 4” per second so is more than fast enough for most applications.

The Zebra Printer Range
These are just three thermal printers from the Zebra printer range and there are many others, as well as a variety of other barcode scanning equipment. Ideal for retail, Zebra printers can also be used in a variety of other settings to, not only benefit businesses, but individuals and consumers too.

Visit for an extensive zebra printer range as well as a catalogue of other high quality and inexpensive label printing and barcode printing systems.

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