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iPhone Apps for Personal Financial Management

10th March 2011
By Shubhangi Verma in Business Law
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To keep yourself ahead of others, you need to manage multiple activities efficiently and in a planned manner. Financial management is must for everyone, nowadays. iPhone application development has provided a solution for this with their futuristic apps. You can now manage your banking, Credit Card, Investment, Financial Information, Budget and Expenses using application development for the iPhone.
1. Mobile Banking – Almost all banks probably have an app for mobile banking. Banking apps are for checking account, balance enquiry, bills Payment, transfer funds, credit card bill, check balances, view recent transactions and discover bank locations. Some of the famous banks on mobile are Citibank, TD Bank and BB&T, SunTrust Mobile Banking and ING Direct mobile.
2. Credit Cards – If you are shopaholic and use a credit card to pay bills. Couple of Credit Card Companies provide apps to manage your account. American Express and Discover Mobile provide apps through which you can check balance, recent transactions, reward activity and Cashback balance.

3. Investing – Investing your hard earned money is the right action to secure your future. Several financial investment firms provide apps to manage your account from mobile. Fidelity Investments, Charles Schwab & Co. and E*Trade Mobile Pro are few such financial institution where Investors can use their apps to monitor portfolio, stock trading, research investments, trading options and money transfers.
4. General Financial Information – Many apps are available, which can’t be used for transaction, but for financial information only. These apps provide market news and updates. The Yahoo Finance app, Bloomberg, CNBC Real-Time and CNN Money are popular apps. By using apps, you can keep yourself update with the news, analysis and video coverage and helps in taking decisions.
5. Budget and Expenses – Apart from saving and investment, Expenditure is also essential part of financial activity. Apps is available in the market which assists in preparing a budget and remind you to stick with it. "Pageonce", "CashTrails Expense Tracker" and "Mint Personal Finance" are apps help to achieve the budgetary target.

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